New Years Goals for 2012

Every year around New Years I look back at my goals or resolutions from the previous year - like most people do - and see how I did. So I searched back until I found this post which detailed my goals for last year. And they were...

1. Write a blog post every day. HA! I know lots of people can meet that goal. I however, can not. I find that when I know that I have to post every single day, blogging becomes much more of a chore and not something I do for fun or to better myself/my writing. So that goal was obviously not met and I honestly don't think I would try it again.
2. Get more fit. Hmmm...not sure how well I accomplished this goal. I definitely did try to improve it (visiting the doctor, educating myself, improved my eating habits, trying a new exercise class, etc.) and I learned a lot but still don't feel that I'm as fit as I could be. I definitely need to exercise I'm going to say that goal is in the "going okay but still needs improvement" category.
3. Deepen/improve my relationship with God. I can say for this goal that I feel like I definitely improved. I'm praying much more now about every part of my life and genuinely trying to do what God wants me to do. I am reading my Bible more but still could use some work on my devotional time.

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So what about this year? I don't want to go crazy on goals or resolutions but I do have a few things in mind already. One of my goals is to organize my life. I'm not worried about a cleaner home - although that would be nice - instead I want a better organized home. I don't want to run around aimlessly looking for things that I can't remember where they are. I'm tired of clutter, paper, and unneeded things junking up my house. Since we're homeschooling and I'm at home a majority of the time, I need a to institute a better organizational system for our household. It will help reduce our stress and help us to stay on our schooling schedule better. I (and my dearest hubby) have already started implementing this by working on "clutter detail" over the past few days but we still have quite a lot to do. To help us out more with this particular goal, I've printed off the 2012 Declutter Calendar from My Simpler Life. (I found it on Pinterest - which is my absolute most favorite website EVER! I have found so many good ideas, recipes, and crafts on there!) I'm also joining Joyful Mothering's 31 Days to Clean Challenge. (I've read the book before but I think a refresher is much needed!)
My other goal for this year is to truly focus on the people and things that are important to me. Time is precious and when you've got a busy life full of things that need your attention, you can sometimes get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that you forget about happiness! I feel like this past year I've already begun to weed out unnecessary things and toxic relationships that bring me down, but I want to make sure that I keep that focus on what is GOOD - my relationship with God, mine and my husband's relationship, raising my children, relationships with my extended family and true friends, and other things that encourage or inspire me. And speaking of things that encourage or inspire me...I'd also like to commit to pursuing those types of things more fervently. I love writing and would love to eventually write a book - but to finish that (I have actually started it...) I probably need to carve out the time to sit down and write more than a paragraph here or there. ;) I also really enjoy crafty and creative things and would like to pursue those more as well.

So how about you? What are your goals or plans for this year? Feel free to share your thoughts or a link to your resolutions blog post!

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  1. Great post! You're totally right - Keep God #1 and everything else falls into place.


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