Addison Academy: Week 8

In my life this week…
The weather has been insane! It was sunny and 60-70 degrees at the beginning of the week. The kids were really enjoying playing outside without coats and they even found some spring flowers starting to bloom. As the week went on, however - we got rain, tornado warnings and even hail! And then this weekend, we had a little snow and it's gotten colder again. All within just one week! So strange.

In other unrelated news, I'm taking a week long break from Facebook. My hubby recently deactivated his account because he was tired of all the negativity on it and felt like it was a time-waster. He's been telling me I should do the same or at least try it out, so I am. He also seems to think I'll go through withdrawals! I started on Friday and honestly it hasn't bothered me at all. I do like seeing people's updates and networking but I also don't like the negativity and tendency towards drama it seems to bring. I'm also curious to see how much more time I have. We shall see!

In our homeschool this week…
Zeke is showing real improvements in his reading. We just started using some new books that we're reviewing for the TOS Crew and he seems to be enjoying them. We've been trying lots of different techniques and ideas - doing a variety of things seems to keep his interest. I have him read aloud but I also read aloud and have him repeat me. We've also been practicing Dolch words and making up stories with them. I'll have him narrate a story to me and we'll write it out together. He also seems to get very motivated if I mention that he'll get to do something special - so I'll tell him if he can {meet some goal in his reading} then he can help Daddy with {whatever project they're going to work on} or something like that. He's always been one that likes having a goal in mind.

Daddy's been helping out a lot with schoolwork and life lessons. I love that he has the time to be more involved. He and the kids (well, usually just Zeke because Ellie's too antsy) have been reading a little book about Lent each night before bed and they've had some great discussions about life, being a Christian and other things. He's also given Zeke some different tasks - he's in charge of bringing in wood for the wood box and cleaning the ashes out of the fireplace - and has been trying to teach him how to play checkers.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

iPhones and iPads are no longer just for adults - they're also becoming popular educational tools to use with your children. My husband's old phone has since become just such a device for the kids to play with. I've been very cautious about letting them use it and usually only will let them under my supervision. However I learned a little gem this week - if your kids are going to be using an iPhone or iPad, disable in-app purchasing! While perusing the cell phone bill, hubby asked me one evening, "Did you buy an app or something? For like $3.95?" I responded that I hadn't. "Something called Paint Sparkle?" Ah. I downloaded the free Paint Sparkle app for the kids on his old phone. Ellie apparently was playing with it and clicked on the "locked" coloring pages - when prompted to purchase them, she accepted. Oops. Lesson learned. At least they have a lot of coloring pages now, I guess. (And I do mean a LOT!)

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We attended the IAHE (Indiana Association of Home Educators) Home Education Day at the Capitol. We had intended on going to the whole thing but had a late night with the kids so we only got to go to the rally. We heard several people speak on homeschooling & current legislation and got to walk around the beautiful Capitol Building. Zeke liked looking at the statues and busts of presidents. It was a good day - other than when we were leaving, I tripped over a hole in the sidewalk and fell! :( It's healing up, though.

All dressed up and ready to go!

We had a little bit of "Saturday School" this week. We attended the Maple Syrup Festival in nearby Parke County and had delicious pancakes, syrup and sausage. We then visited a few different farms to see how they actually make the syrup. At one particular sugar shack we stopped at, one of the ladies there told us to go look in the trees by their creek and we'd be able to see a bald eagles nest. It was HUGE! She also gave us some information on bald eagles which I read aloud to the kids on the drive home.

My favorite thing this week was…
Last Sunday we got tickets for the ISU (Indiana State University) ladies basketball game from someone in our church who couldn't go. My husband's Gramma has season tickets so we took her and picked up my step-daughter on the way also. The kids had a great time - it was a really fun family event and I'm glad we all got to go. Ellie even got to hug the teams mascot, Sycamore Sam!

Things I’m working on…
Ellie's birthday is this week - Tuesday, in fact - and her party is this coming weekend. I have so many things left to do! Gaaaahhh!

I’m reading…
Does anyone else read several books at one time or is it just me? :) I'm working my way through "The Good Wife's Guide" and it is oh so encouraging. I just finished up the "Group Your Life Inventory" chapter and am starting "Time Well Spent." I also just started "Lessons from the Hen House" which I'm going to be reviewing here on the blog.

I’m praying for…
All the families affected by the tornadoes. The pictures I've seen on TV and online are devastating. I've heard some good stories that have come out of it but it's heartbreaking to hear about the deaths and tragedy. I also read something scary on Twitter - according to Jim Cantore there's been 97 tornado reports over 10 states. The tornado average for the ENTIRE MONTH of March is 87! And it's only March 4th! So scary. Really makes me wonder what the rest of the year is going to be like...

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
Ellie learned how to pedal her trike! My husband was outside with her and she just looked at him and said, "Will you show me how to pedal?" :)

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  1. Tornados are one of my biggest fears...which is a bit amusing as I live in Upstate NY & we don't usually end up in the path of such a storm! Glad you're safe and pray God keeps you safe throughout the season.

    Facebook: I like it for keeping up with my out-of-town friends...many of whom I would lose all contact with if it weren't for FB. I love being able to keep up with missionaries out of our church who don't have strong fellowship where they are.

    I am in the process of reading 3-4 books! Definitely tough to keep up with. :)

  2. They can be very scary but what will happen, will happen, I guess. Thanks for the prayers! I'm so glad we have a basement!

    This Facebook break has been very nice but I agree, there are some people I'd probably never talk to without it. Hmmm, it's a conundrum.

    It sure is! I really should cut back & just read one at a time...but I probably won't. ;)


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