What We've Been Up To

It's been over a week since I last posted and for that I apologize...but I do have some good reasons!

~ We celebrated Miss Ellie's third birthday with a small (well, it was supposed to be small) party with our family and close friends. It's funny how they never quite turn out the way I plan...I had PLANNED on cleaning & preparing the last two nights before the party was scheduled. What I didn't plan on was my back going out! After carrying Ellie around quite a bit last Friday evening and on my way to take her to the van and I felt something in my back pop. I felt sharp waves of pain in my lower back but just figured it would go away after I sat down for awhile...nope! When we got home, I could barely walk in the house! So I basically laid flat on the couch for the next day while hubby did the majority of the work that needed done around the house. (I'm so very lucky to have him.) I was able to hobble around the day of the party but really had to rest that evening. Regardless, Ellie had a very nice party, was able to play with friends/family and got lots of neat presents. (I'm still trying to find places for everything!)

~ I am on the mend and am feeling loads better than I was, thank goodness...and that's good because the weather has been GORGEOUS this past week! Sunny skies, breezy winds and fluffy-clouded skies have made these kiddos of mine want to be outside every day for most of the day - and who am I to object? So we've been playing, eating, and schooling outside. We're hopefully going to finish up the new chicken coop this weekend - the chickens are outgrowing the old one and it's getting run down - and we're in the planning stages of our garden for this year.

~ My grandparents are home from Texas! My Grandma was able to come to Ellie's party which I was very excited about...but I was also sad because my grandpa couldn't. My Grandpa has cancer and he isn't doing very well. He's lost 30 pounds (and he was pretty darn thin to begin with) and is in a lot of pain because the cancer has metastasized into his spine. He was briefly hospitalized after they got back but is now at home again. He's having to go for radiation treatments a few times a week.

~ Our family would really covet your prayers. Not only for my Grandpa and his health but for other things going on in our life - prayers for wisdom, guidance and God's will. I'll write more about it all when I can. I know, I know, I'm leaving you in suspense...sorry!

So that's basically what we've been up to! I'll be back this coming week with a few different reviews of some curriculum we've been using and some other posts. Leave me a comment & let me know what you've been up to recently - feel free to link me to your posts as well!

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