10 Things #2to1Conf Attendees Should Know About Me

There are only ten days until The 2:1 Conference!! Time has flown by! I should probably start figuring out what I'm going to pack and all that jazz. ;-) I'm linking up with Stephanie from Bowmania today & Angie's Top Ten Tuesday and am sharing...*drum roll please*

The Top Ten Things the #2to1Conf Attendees Should Know About Me

1. I'm Shay! My first name is Shalynne (pronounced Shay-Lynn) and people are always saying it wrong or mispronouncing it and getting flustered, so I sometimes will just introduce myself as Shay. It's easier! :)

2. I've been married for seven years to a really great guy. He was going to come with me to the conference but unfortunately and fortunately, he got a job! It was truly a blessing but we were both a little bit bummed that he wouldn't get to come with me.

3. I'm a stay at home/homeschooling momma to my two kiddos. My son Zeke is six years old and my daughter Ellie is three. I'm also step-momma to a 10 year old girl.

4. By day a momma, by night a writer! I've been blogging for...well, quite a few years actually, in a variety of different places. I first started in 2004 but I've moved around a couple times. I made my permanent home here at Wonderfully Chaotic in 2009.

5. We've been homeschooling for about two and a half years. I started exploring the idea in 2009 and soaking up all the information I could. We started officially in August 2010 with Zeke doing Kindergarten.

6. I'm usually a little quiet when first meeting people...but I think with all the things we'll have in common that it'll probably actually be hard to stop talking at this conference! :)

7. I really long to be a better homeschool momma and blogger so I'm hoping to learn and absorb a lot at this conference. The sessions all sound so good that it's going to be hard to pick what to go to!

8. I'm really excited for a little trip all by myself but am also wondering if I'm going to feel a little bit lost. I'm VERY rarely ever alone - there's always somebody hanging on me or needing something - so it'll definitely be a change. And of course, I'm going to be traveling with some mommas from Indiana so I won't *technically* be alone! :)

9. I am being sponsored by WriteShop so be sure to ask me about them! I've had great experiences with their products and am very thankful that they have helped me go to the conference.

10. I can't wait to see what all's going to happen at this conference! I know it's going to be a good time! :)


  1. Can't wait to meet you! The best thing about blogging for me has been all the wonderful new friendships I've made!

  2. I'm with you on #8 (very rarely get away)

  3. Yup... I have ten days to fit into my pants or I will need to go shopping. LOL I never go anywhere alone either. So happy that Jamerrill is letting me be her roomie.

  4. Yay!! So excited to *meet* you!! My name is odd to pronounce as well {think OERO without the end "O"}. I'll be at registration and I'll do my best to pronounce your name correctly!

  5. #7 sounds great - that's the goal of 2:1 - to meet you where you are in blogging and homeschooling and help one another :) See you soon!

  6. Hi Shay! I'm a mom and a step-mom, too! Looking forward to meeting you next weekend!

  7. I hope to learn a lot too! I need to find a better balance.

  8. Looking forward to meeting you!!

  9. Thanks ladies! Headed out to check all your posts now! :)

  10. I love Write Shop! I learned how to write by teaching my son their program.

  11. Part of the thing I love about the 2 to 1 conference is that we're all in the same homeschooling boat -- perhaps on different seas, but all looking for support and guidance.

    Looking forward to meeting you next week!


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