Country Words & Grammar

As a writer, I try and communicate things that are coherent and understandable to most people. Regardless of where you're from, most text comes across pretty much the same way. However, talking is a whole different story. I met one of my online friends for the first time awhile back and was confused when she said, "Your accent is so cute!" I'm from the Midwest, born & raised in the (mostly) country and I didn't think that we had much of an accent...but after visiting other places and talking with people from different states and countries, I've come to realize that we do. We're just so used to hearing it every day that we don't usually notice it. Here's a few of my favorite Midwestern country slang words or grammar mishaps:

Hoosier - Someone from Indiana. (Wikipedia claims it's comparable to redneck but to us, or me anyway, it really just means somebody that lives in Indiana. A word that's comparable to redneck would more likely be a hick.)
slickery - A type of weather (common in the winter) when it's cold, rainy and icy.
Example: "Be careful! The roads are slickery today!"
ain't - Contraction for "am not" or "are not."
Example: "We ain't going there today."
ya-all, or y'all - "You all." Refers to a group of people.
Example: "Are y'all going to town today?"
pictcher - A portrait or photograph.
Example: "Let me get my camera and take a pitcher of y'all."
crick - A creek or stream, very small river.
Example: "It's been raining so much that the crick is flooding."
pop - A soda or soft drink. This is not really a Indiana/country thing, more a regional thing. My Aunt & her children who grew up in New Mexico & Utah and then moved here say soda. We constantly remind them it's pop. ;)
yonder, a piece, a ways - Common directions and distance measurements.
Examples - "The house is just up the road a piece." "You go up yonder to the post office and turn right." "Go a ways up this road until you come to a red barn."
worsh, or warsh - To clean or wash something
Example: "I'm gonna worsh my car today."
- A valley between two or more hills.
Example - "There's a bunch of white flowers growing in that holler in the woods."
done - More commonly referred to as "did."
Example - "I already done that." 

I don't say all of these and I suppose some of them do sound pretty backwater or hillbilly...but I know many people who do speak this way - some in my own family - and I don't think any less of them for it. They're country and that's just the way they talk! And I'll be the first to admit - I do refer to soda as pop, I talk about the crick at my Aunt's farm and I even slip the occasional y'all into my conversation. But for the record, I *can* properly say picture! ;) I do however want to be understood by my readers and not leave them scratching their heads, so I always try to edit and recheck my blog posts by scanning them for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and words that aren't words! If you're looking for a good way to spell check or grammar check your blog posts or writing, why not check out Grammarly's grammar checker? I'm going to be trying it out for myself soon and I'll let you know how it goes!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Grammarly.


  1. This is a hoot, Stephanie! We were just giving one of our friends at church a hard time for saying "Warshington." You just don't hear that in California!

    1. Sorry! SHAY! SHAY! Not Stephanie. Sigh. I always get you two mixed up in my overprocessed brain.

    2. Haha, that's okay! They're both S names so I can see that. :)


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