Get Busy Living

Things that make me smile: fresh picked flowers from my hubby and cards from my kiddos.

I know I've been sparsely blogging recently and there are a few reasons for that. I was feeling kind of glum and down in the dumps after all the stress we went through towards the end of April. I just didn't really feel like blogging. I've been sick - well, if you want to get technical I'm not actually sick, just having trouble with my ears but I almost think I'd rather have a cold or the flu or something else...but I'm on the mend so I can't complain. We've also been having problems with our internet so I wasn't able to get online at all for awhile but those are all fixed now. (And hopefully they'll stay fixed!) I also *may* have went a little overboard on our schedule...

Although we're no longer babysitting, we're still doing our regular schoolwork and chores (of course!) and Zeke also has baseball games and practices three to four nights a week. I've enrolled him in swimming lessons for two weeks and then Mini 4-H Camp, which is a week long day camp, for the week after that. On top of that, we have a graduation open house we're hosting, my step-daughter and other family staying with us, the upcoming wedding of my cousin and his fiancee where Ellie will have her first stint as flower girl, a giant garden to attend to, and the state Republican convention hubby & I will be attending. Plus church, the random other things I've probably forgotten about, and something else I'll talk more about later. At least no one can say we're unsocialized homeschoolers, right?!

On a more serious note: Even though I am feeling a wee bit overwhelmed, I wouldn't have it any other way. All of these events and activities are things we'll enjoy. They'll be good memories made and time spent with family and friends. Plus, I just can't help but feel like I need to get busy living. I don't know why that is - maybe because of all the stress I had been feeling? For whatever reason, I just want to grab life by the horns and go. I feel like the changes I've made over the past few weeks have really helped me. I've cut out all pop, am eating less, and am making sure to get all the water I need every day. I reached a goal of losing five pounds - not a huge step for most people but I was happy. I've been putting down the phone & computer and getting in more good physical exercise every day...but I'm not pushing myself so much that I can't walk the next day. I have a tendency to do that when I start an exercise regimen - so I've not been focusing on "exercise." I've just been thinking of it as physical activity - the garden needs weeded, I'm going to run laps in the pool, the kids and I are going on a long walk, etc. I'm also trying not to focus on making myself tiny or skinny (which I'll never be) but just on feeling better and being healthier. School is going pretty well - we have our "off" days but we're progressing right along. Hubby is doing good and keeping busy. The kiddos are growing like weeds and learning new things every day. I'm feeling happy about this place I'm at right now. So bear with me over the next few weeks as my blogging may still be sparse...I'm still here, I'm just busy living.


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