31 Days to Clean {The Reboot} ~ Day 2

Today for the 31 Days of Clean Reboot, Sarah wrote about distractions and how we need to take the time to sit with Jesus. You can read more of what she said on "Sitting Before Doing" here. Below are the challenges for today and my thoughts:

Mary Challenge: Get alone with Jesus today. Don’t put it off. Curl up and take in Psalm 119 today. Find a specific verse in Psalm 119 that speaks to you and meditate on it; perhaps even memorize it. Make a plan to spend a portion of each day with God. Maybe this?
I took time today when I first got up (and after reading Sarah's post) to read my Bible and to pray. I'm horrible about sticking to it day after day though. However, I mentioned the other day that I got a new planner. The planner comes with a daily Bible reading plan built right into it - so I'm hoping to implement that as our daily Bible lesson in our homeschool. It'll be good for the kids and for me.

Martha Challenge: Clean your dresser drawers – the inside and the top. Go through your clothes, sort, get rid of, organize, and make the top of your dresser look pretty (put everything away!).
I did this! And I'm pretty pleased with the results - other than the box of clothes just sitting around that needs to be gotten rid of. You can see the picture of my finished project below. I let my other chores get away from me some today but we'll get back on the ball tomorrow.

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