A Little Update & 31 Days to Clean {The Reboot} ~ Day 1

Well hello there blogging friends! Long time no...see? Type? Well, you know what I mean. Things are going pretty well here at Addison Ranch. We just spent the weekend with my step-daughter and celebrated the nuptials of my cousin and his new bride. It was a very fun wedding and we really enjoyed ourselves. Pictures to follow sometime! I also learned about a "six degrees of separation" type thing that's been going on with my blog - I write it, my Aunt reads it, she passes it on to some work friends, and they in turn pass it on to some of their friends & family! Very cool! Thank you all for reading. :)
Zeke's been keeping very busy - he's on his last week of swim lessons and his next to last week of baseball. The garden is flourishing! Pictures to come of that as well. I just got a new planner! I know, I know...try to hold back your excitement. ;) I'm hoping this planner will help keep me on track with the rest of our busy year. Hubby and I are preparing to go to the State Republican Convention this weekend. Not only will it be an educational and inspirational weekend but it'll also be some fun time for just me and the hubby.
Ooh, and something else new! Remember how I'm part of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew? The Crew Blog got a brand new look - go check it out!
I decided one way to get jump started back into blogging after only doing it sporadically would be to join in on a challenge of sorts. I'm also doing it because I looooooooove Sarah Mae & her book "31 Days to Clean." She's doing a reboot over at her blog of the original challenge. Today was Day One and here were the Challenges:

Mary Challenge: Meditate on Psalm 39:4-5. What is your biggest time waster? What can you do to get rid of the distraction or lessen it? How many days do you have left, if you live until you’re 75? How do you want to use those days?
In my last blog post, I wrote about how I wasn't going to waste time doing piddly things and that I was going to spend more time seizing the day - and I think I've been doing a pretty good job of it for the most part. My biggest time waster is probably my iPhone. Although it can be very handy and helpful, it can also suck me in for hours at a time if I'd let it with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, games, etc. I don't have a problem putting it down to play with the kids or to eat dinner, or anything like that but I know that I do need to leave it alone in the morning instead of browsing & reading from the moment I wake up until I finally haul myself out of bed. I could get an quicker and better start to my morning by leaving it alone and just getting up!
Martha Challenge: We’re starting with our bedrooms! Today, clean out your bedroom closet. Get rid of the clothes you don’t wear (be honest, are you really going to ever wear that shirt?) If this is a big job, split into two or three days.
I actually did a pretty through cleaning of my bedroom yesterday! So I focused on the kitchen today instead - wiped down the counters and cabinets, cleaned out the microwave, cleaned off the stove, put away dishes and reloaded the dishwasher, swept and then scrubbed the floor, and washed the windows.
Get Your Babes Involved: Find a way that your children can clean out your closet with you.
We've got a chore chart on the fridge that I got from My 3 Monsters and modified to fit our family's needs - so we tackled today's tasks in the kitchen together. I wrote down who did what and crossed off each one as we got it done. Ellie still gets distracted pretty easily and sometimes runs off to tear up another room play but Zeke is all about getting jobs done and being a "helper."

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