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Photobucket is a web-based math program that covers everything from Pre-K math skills to High School Algebra. As part of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew, I received a six month subscription for up to 3 kiddos. Here's a little more about IXL and what we thought of it:
  • IXL's website is very easy to navigate and use. I've bookmarked it so Zeke can just click on it and go! He has been jumping around between Kindergarten and First Grade math.
  • Zeke needs help reading word problems or instructions sometimes. The Pre-K and First Grade problems have a little button next to each question that he can push to hear the problem read aloud. This is very helpful not only for him but also for me, as I don't have to stand over him and read off each question.
  • The questions adapt to how you are doing - they get harder as you continue to improve. I really like that when Zeke got a question wrong, he could immediately see the solution and an explanation so he could figure out where he went wrong.
  • He really enjoyed earning the little virtual rewards for doing different things - mastering a certain skill, playing for 10 minutes, etc. He can look at them on the computer or print them out. He chose to print them out and put them all together in a folder.
  • I get a weekly email progress report on how Zeke has been doing. I liked how it was very specific on what he's struggling with and what he's excelling at. 
  • This is a SUPER comprehensive math program - unlimited questions about over 2000 skills. Since I am not very gifted mathematically, it gives me confidence to let Zeke use this and know that he's not missing out on anything because of my challenges with math.
  • IXL offers two different ways to pay. A family plan includes up to 3 children and you can choose from a $9.95 monthly or $79.00 yearly plan - since this is such a comprehensive program, I could really see us using it more in the future when our kiddos are a bit older. (For bigger families, you can add additional children for a small fee.) You can also temporarily put your account on hold, which is good if something were to come up. 

IXL Screen Samples

If you're interested in IXL, you can read more about them on their website. If you'd like to see what other crew members thought of IXL, please go HERE to read more crew reviews.

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