2012 Indiana State Republican Convention

Several weekends ago (yes, I know I'm *super* behind on posting - trying to catch up now) my husband and I visited Indianapolis for the Indiana State Republican Convention. It's held every two years and you may remember me writing about it in 2010. That year my husband was a delegate and I just accompanied him. After seeing the empty delegate seats from our county from people who got elected to the position but chose not to come, I was moved to become a delegate. What is the point of doing the work to get elected and then to not even go?! Anyway, this year we both submitted our names and were chosen as delegates.

Friday night we met for our district caucuses. District 8 is the best district to represent because we were the only ones to get awesome bags, filled with all kinds of fun stuff - water, stickers, candy, mints, a pin, hand sanitizer, a keychain, and several other things. Okay, so maybe that was a purely personal reason...but still...our district rocks! :)

District 8's Swag Bag!
We did a lot of standing and sitting on Friday for voting. Basically, motions were presented. They were seconded by someone. We were then told that if you agree or vote yes, you stand up. After a count is taken, those people all sit and are then told anyone who disagrees or votes no, stands up and then they are counted. The vote count is given and the motion either carries or does not. I did notice some contention and non-voting from people who I assume were either from the Open Convention and/or just supported it but I'm not going to delve into that too much at the moment. I might in a later blog post. If you'd like to read more about it, please check out this page.
Saturday we did some more voting and heard from lots of great politicians and speakers. Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman always inspires me and her next in line, Sue Ellsperman seems much like her - vivacious and go getting, very focused on job creation and with a true love for our state. We heard from Richard Mourdock again (he came and spoke with the 8th district briefly on Friday night) and he's always got something fun to say - he poked fun at Chuck Schumer of New York calling him a "headache" by saying that's fine because he intends to be a "migraine" to the Democrats. :)
I was really looking forward to hearing from My Man Mitch if he would be there - I hadn't heard for sure. They showed a video of all the things he's accomplished since he's been in office and it was really quite astounding. (You can see the video HERE if you're interested.) The end of the video shows Mitch riding off down the road on his Harley. As the video began to fade out, the motorcycle noise got louder...hmm. Next thing you know, here comes the Governor riding his motorcycle onto the convention floor and down the center aisle! Awesome! He talked about how Indiana is now a "leadership" state among others who are barely making ends meet or who are swimming in red. I was tweeting and listening and I saw where someone tweeted something along the lines of "Okay, Mitch rode his motorcycle in. What's Mike going to do?" Well not to be outdone, the future Governor of Indiana Mike Pence drove his truck into the convention! I've always liked Mike. Several years ago when I saw him speaking on C-SPAN, I dropped him an email telling him how much I appreciated what he said and he wrote a short PERSONAL note back! Not many politicians do that anymore. His main focus was on how he intends to keep Indiana in good shape, and even take it from good to GREAT. I fully believe this man is capable of continuing what Mitch has done.
So what did I personally take away from this convention? The convention theme was "Passing the Torch" which touches not only on the Indiana Republican "torch" but also on the ceremonial passing from Governor Daniels to soon to be Governor Pence. It also illustrates to me that I need to be more diligent in taking up my own torch. I know many women (friends, even) who right this very moment feel that "I am just one woman, one mom, one wife...what does my voice matter? And why should politics even matter to me? They're too complicated!"
Yes, you are just one person - but one person can have a very significant impact on the world. If you don't believe that then look at famous scientists, inventors, and creators...all the great ones came from humble beginnings. They started out slowly or unsteadily but were able to leave a huge impact.
And don't tell me you're "just a mom" - for one, don't belittle yourself that way, your job is super important. You are raising the next generation of American citizens! You are also a tax paying citizen yourself. You should care about what laws and policies are passed in your state and country because they will probably affect you whether you like it or not! I'm not saying you have to go dive into political office or anything like that. I know that politics and the political parties can seem overwhelming at first and that's why I think it's best to just delve into them lightly. I am working on a blog series about "Beginning Politics" - or perhaps I'll call it "Politics for the Busy Mom" :) - and would welcome any questions you have that I might be able to include. Look for it starting next week sometime!

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