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Just a little baby update for those who are interested! (And typing on my phone so hopefully this turns out okay.)
  • As I mentioned awhile back, we are expecting Baby #3! Yay! :) I am 11 and a half weeks along. Things are going...okay. I've had some morning sickness/all day nausea but it didn't get too bad until the past week or so - and it's pretty darn rough. I've been stuck on the couch for the most part or puking and trying to take naps when I can. Luckily my hubby has been a big help. And I'm hoping it will start to ease off since I'll be entering the second trimester soon. I've lost weight but that always happens when I first get pregnant - probably because of the puking!
  • We're going to be meeting the midwife this week and I can't wait! Super excited. Hopefully we'll get to hear baby's heartbeat that day as well.
  • I would be happy with a boy or a girl. I have no preference. I had debated not finding out the gender and just letting it be a surprise but the kids are dying to know so I want to find out. (They are both rooting for a boy, in case you're curious.) I have my suspicions about what he or she may be - and I've been right twice so far! - but I'm going to keep them to myself.
  • A lot of people are already talking names and assume that we are giving all our children "E" names since we have an Ezekiel and an Elisha. I hate to burst the bubble but we didn't plan it that way and don't intend to. I don't even plan on advertising baby's name until he or she gets here. Truthfully I haven't even BEGUN thinking about names. When Ellie was born, we didn't actually decide on her name until after she was born! (We had several in mind, we just didn't decide until we saw her.)
  • Several people have asked if this is our last child and to that I say what I've always said, "We'll see!" ;) We've always wanted a big family and it cracks me up that people think 3 is SO many!
  • Even with being really sick, I am still very grateful and happy to be pregnant. It is hard when I feel sick all day long or when I feel like we're getting behind in our schoolwork but I know that it's so very worth it. :)

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