TOS Review: HearBuilder Following Directions

As a part of The Old Schoolhouse Crew, we occasionally get to review homeschool products in exchange for our honest opinion of them. We recently got the opportunity to review one of three different programs from Super Duper Publication, a company that sells products designed to help children overcome learning disabilities. We were chosen to review the HearBuilder Following Directions Software Program. Here's some more about the game from their website:
HearBuilder Following Directions gives students a systematic way to improve their auditory and following directions skills. At the same time, students will learn how to become Master Toy Makers while building their own Toy Central factories. They will learn to follow increasingly difficult directions and will be able to demonstrate knowledge of 40 basic concepts in five areas: Basic Directions, Sequential Directions, Quantitative & Spatial Directions, Temporal Directions, and Conditional Directions.

Okay so first off, what momma doesn't want her kids to learn how to follow directions better? Anyone?{crickets chirping} That's what I thought. My six year old Zeke is kind of in that "shiny" stage - you're telling him to do something or he's relaying some information to you and you can slowly see his attention being diverted elsewhere and...ooh, shiny object! :) So learning more about following directions is definitely a useful skill. But of course, in his book the game has to also be fun or entertaining...and it is! Zeke really enjoys it. He loves being able to see how his Toy Factory is coming along as he passes different levels and earning tools to help build toys. It is really interesting (and encouraging!) for me as a momma to see him listening intently to the directions he's given - "click the red starHe actually told his little sis who was playing with Batman guys on his floor, "Can you please go in the other room? 'Cause I'm trying to hear these directions." The game was easy to install and for Zeke to learn how to play. It was designed for kiddos in grades Pre-K through 3rd who have difficulty processing auditory directions, but really I think it would be useful for any younger children learning how to follow directions.

The Home Version of HearBuilder Following Directions is available for $69.95 at the Super Duper Publications website where you can also see watch a demo or videos of the games, read more about the system requirements, read reviews, or browse the Frequently Asked Questions. If you're interested in getting HearBuilder Following Directions, you can save 30% by using the following code: BLGFD30 {Expires 8/31/12}

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  1. I agree all children can practice the skill of following directions ... even my hubby could use some extra help. Alyssa and I had a hard time choosing which of these products to review. We ended up choosing Auditory Memory and dad also practiced skills. LOL. Great review! Don't you just love it when they do follow directions.

  2. If you had purchased Following Directions would you think it was worth the cost? We reviewed HB Auditory Memory, and I still haven't decided if it's worth the steep price. It's well done, and it keeps their attention, but I'm not sure if it is truly improving their memory. Do you think your son follows directions better, since he started using Hear Builder?

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.



    1. That's an excellent question! I'd say it's still a work in progress. I can see some little improvements - I think it would probably help more if we used it on a set schedule of some kind, like every other day or every two days, something like that.


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