Our Curriculum & Plans: 2012 - 2013

We actually started school in July of this year because I knew I would be taking some time off early next year when our new bundle of joy arrives. However, a lot of people are just starting now and I figured I would share what we are using this year for our homeschool curriculum. We're schooling year round, with breaks off at different times like holidays, special events, etc. not only because of the new baby but also because it seems to work better for us. It especially worked out well during my first month or so of pregnancy where I barely got off the couch - I'm doing much better now, though and we're moving right along in our schoolwork. Anyway, on to the curriculum!

ZEKE - Age 7
Bible - Abeka Bible Reader
Math - We're finishing up our Houghton Mifflin First Grade workbook & practice book and have recently implemented Math Made Easy. Hopefully in our second semester we'll be moving on to Primary Math 1B from Singapore Math.
English: Reading/Phonics - For reading, we're using Academic Success for All Learners Little Books, our library of books, and the actual library. (You can read about our success with Little Books HERE!) For Phonics, we're continuing with our Adventures in Phonics workbook, Dolch words/sight word flashcards I made, The Reading Game and Reading Kingdom.
Science - We're using Scott Foresman Science, Grade 2.
History & Geography - We're currently using Abeka's Our America, Grade 2. Each week we're checking out a different book (or books!) from the library on whatever historical place, person, or time period we're studying. History is Zeke's favorite subject so we read a LOT of books about it.
Tonight at the Bright Ideas Press Twitter party I won this Geography Prize Package (which includes WonderMaps, Hands on Geography, and The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide) so we'll definitely be incorporating those things in soon!
Spelling/Handwriting - We're choosing "words of the week" to study and I will hopefully soon be starting weekly spelling tests. However, I'd like to focus more on handwriting before we worry too much about spelling. So we're continuing to work on Zeke's handwriting through worksheets, printing practice, dry erase boards, and whatever other creative ideas come to me...probably via Pinterest. :)
Music - I am attempting to teach Zeke the piano and give him some beginning vocal lessons - I have many books I'm using, though so I'm not going to list them all. I'm also trying to practice more myself!
Art - We're finishing up an ARTistic Pursuits book and will soon be starting a once a month Art Club one of our local homeschool families is starting up. We'll be working on a different project and/or learning about a different technique each month, and will also be attending several field trips.
Physical Education - We get to review Family Time Fitness for the Crew this year (review coming soon!) and upon being chosen for it, I realized that I'd never really considered having a set PE time in our schedules. (Probably because I'm a lazy gal and was never a fan of PE...lol.) In addition to PE time, Zeke will be starting soccer here in a few weeks and then baseball in the spring.
Other - I also have a Big First Grade Workbook, assorted flashcards and workbooks, and will be working in The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew materials as we are blessed with them. We are tentatively planning several field trips for later in the year with other local homeschool families to some different museums and places of interest.

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  1. Sounds like your plate is very full. We have been homeschooling for more than 5 years now, and school year round, too. We tried taking the summer off last year due to my mother's health issues and her need for more of my attention, it was a total disaster. I have reminded myself that my in-house family has to take the front seat, so we school around life. I noticed that you bundled spelling and handwriting, and wanted to mention Vocabulary and Spelling City. (www.spellingcity.com). There is a free version and a premium version and you can print handwriting pages, and make spelling lists based on your choice of words. It has truely helped my reluctant speller/writer improve. Happy homeschooling, and welcome to your addition!!


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