B is for Baby

So with me being almost halfway through my pregnancy (19 weeks today!) the topic of "the baby" has been on my mind almost 24/7. Pretty soon we'll be going in to find out if we'll be getting the boy or girl clothes out of storage. (I've saved a large majority of the kids clothes since we have planned on having more.) I can't wait. It'll be nice to say "brother" or "sister" instead of "he or she.
The kids are also both pretty darn excited too. I've finally gotten Zeke to accept the idea that he may in fact have a little sister instead of the little brother he's hoping for. I can't say he's completely on board...but he's more accepting than he was which is a huge blessing. I honestly don't think Ellie cares either way if it's a brother or sister. She's been talking to the baby and calling him or her a "poo poo head" often...which is not so much of a blessing! As my Aunt said, I'll definitely have to involve her with the baby so she doesn't think he or she is here to replace her. Zeke was pretty good about that when Ellie came around. He didn't have much jealousy really - he just kept wanting to know when she would be big enough to play!

And speaking of all things baby, I was recently a guest on The Mom's Roundtable on Mom Talk Radio where the subject was "Introducing a New Baby to the Family." If you're interested, you can listen to it here by selecting the show from 9/2/2012.

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  1. that's too funny about ellie calling the baby a poo poo head. hope she grows out of that soon! i can't wait to find out what you're having :)

    1. I bet she will - I think Zeke had some "interesting" names for her as well when she was in utero! :)


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