Baby G's Birth Story

Remember me writing awhile back about my best friend who was pregnant asking me to be her birth partner? Well, she did indeed have her baby and I'm just now getting around to writing about it! I actually wish I would have jotted down my thoughts soon after as it was all so very clear then...but I picked her brain about it as well. We mashed our thoughts and memories together to get all the details right, or as well as we can remember. It gets pretty wordy so please click below to read on!
Let me preface the story by giving you a little background. Katie and I have been friends years, I believe? She and my husband have been friends since they were younger and so I met her through him. Our friendship has grown over the years, especially as we both entered a similar life situation - Married With Children. :) She is married and has two beautiful little daughters and a handsome new son - the fella this story is about! Alright, let's so fast forward to baby time! Or should that be rewind? Either way, read on!

Katie had mentioned to me several months ago that she'd like it if I would consider being her birth partner. I was of course totally fine with them, assuming I wasn't stepping on her hubby's toes. He didn't mind so we were good to go. Her due date arrived and she began using several different kinds of herbs and her contractions were getting much closer and stronger. However, Baby G seemed pretty content in his comfy home. So she discussed her options with her doctor and decided after trying all the natural methods to go ahead and come into the hospital and see how things went. (I have been in this situation before myself! Darn stubborn babies.) She got to the hospital at 5 AM and was contracting every 4 minutes, was around 3-4 cms dialated, and 80% effaced, Since she had to be at the hospital so early she said she would let me know what was going on because she didn't want me to have to just sit around and wait. But I was too excited and got up early, anyway. Not at 5 AM though, probably more like 7:45-ish. I got up, talked to her via text, showered, and let my cousins who were staying with us know that I was going to be leaving. I stopped at McDonald's on the way for a little breakfast and morning fuel, a.k.a. a caramel iced coffee.

When I got to the hospital, Katie and her hubby were watching TV and chatting. We all sat around talking and joking, and I may or may not have also shared some iced coffee with the pregnant lady. ;) They had started her on a Pitocin pump and the nurse on duty was coming around every so often to check in on her. Her hubby went for a walk for a little while to stretch his legs and I did the same. At around 10 she was really starting to feel things. She wanted out of the bed to move around and try some different positions so the nurse fetched the birthing ball and she used that on and off. Her doctor came in and checked her around noon and asked if it would be alright to break her water after lunch, as she was going to attend to a patient who was having an emergency C-section. She was breathing through the contractions, moaning just a bit and at some point in time, we turned down the lights and all napped/rested for a bit – kind of the calm before the storm, although we didn’t know it at the time. At around 1:30 the doctor checked her and she was at 5 cms – she was very discouraged and concerned that she’d only dilated 1 cm. The doctor went ahead and broke her water and said she would come back in to check on her later and I think she may have even said something about him being born in the next few hours or before/around dinner time, something like that.
 After that, things progressed MUCH faster. I could really tell that her pain level was not gradually increasing; instead it was rushing forward by leaps and bounds. She wanted to stand up but the pain was just too intense. Her hubby asked the nurse to heat up the heat packs she'd brought with her and we used those on her back. She wanted pressure applied to a certain part of her back so her hubby and I took turns pushing or kneading it - for awhile, she kneeled on the end of the bed, hubby held her and she leaned on him, and I applied pressure to her back and rubbed it. Even though the pain was accelerating greatly, she didn't scream or yell obscenities or anything crazy like that. She just moaned "ow" and "it hurts" from time to time. (She also told me she yelled for Jesus at one point in time – I didn’t remember that part!) Just from the way things were going, I remember thinking to myself: This is moving SO fast - she has to be dilating like crazy!! I could tell the pain was intense and she asked for some type of medication. They gave her a shot of morphine (which she assured me did nothing at all) and they also paged the epidural man.

However, just a few minutes after that she started saying, "He's coming!" She had gotten up onto the bed and into an all fours position on her hands and knees because she felt him descend – she literally felt like he could just fall out! A different nurse came in and very slowly put her gloves on saying, "Oh honey, I'm sure you're not that far along yet, they just checked you fifteen minutes ago..." and so on and so forth. I was thinking to myself I've been in here with her and if she says he's coming, I believe it! I was also thinking DANG, that was only fifteen minutes ago?! Holy crap! Anyway, he was indeed coming and once the nurse saw that she sprang into action - paging the doctor, wheeling carts with instruments in, etc. I'm not sure how long it was before the doctor got there (only a few minutes, maybe) but I do recall my friend feeling that inevitable urge to bear down and push and being told repeatedly, "DON'T PUSH! The doctor isn't here yet! Don't push!" That incensed me greatly and although I know WHY they were doing it, have you ever tried to NOT push?! Imagine someone telling you NOT to fall off a cliff when you're hanging on by one finger - that's how it feels when someone tells you not to push when you have the urge.

Hubby and I got pushed back a little bit while things got hectic and I totally understand that - they needed to get everything ready that was needed. I tried to move up to be by the head of Katie's bed but I didn't want to get in anyone's way so I held back a bit behind her hubby. The doctor finally rushed in - I believe it was only a matter of minutes but it felt like an eternity - and Katie was able to commence with pushing. Just a few (and I do mean FEW!) short pushes later and her beautiful baby boy flew out! My eyes welled up with tears (okay, so the tears were rolling!) as they immediately placed him skin to skin on her chest, per her request that he be there for the first hour. The baby nurses wanted him to go to the NICU because he was floppy and pale due to the morphine she’d gotten shortly before delivery. They gave him the antidote right there on her chest and he perked right up, turned pink, and started crying. She didn’t send him to the NICU as he was nursing and crying just fine. The nurses then began pushing on her stomach and got the placenta out as the doctor attended to her. She was losing a lot of blood and the OB thought she might have tore her cervix due to the speed of delivery and the amount of blood loss. Having hands up there dabbing around with gauze and pressing down on her belly was super painful, and she was shaking from the blood loss so she asked hubby to take Baby G and I held her hand. I remember when I had my son how bad the pushing on the stomach feels (because I also had a lot of blood loss) so I think I may have gotten a little teary eyed then as well.

While they did that, they went ahead and did the weighing and measuring. Baby G was 7 pounds, 11 ounces and 20 inches long. When Mommy and baby were back together a few minutes later, I realized I needed to sit down because I was dizzy ! I think it was just a combination of my early pregnancy rumbly stomach and the sheer overwhelming feeling of how fast everything had went! I stayed and visited for a little while and then took off so they could visit with family. Little Baby G is now 7 weeks old, breastfeeding like a champ , and fitting into his family very nicely. I feel blessed to have been part of his journey earth-side. :)
Baby G snoozing at my son's birthday party - so cuddly cute!

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  1. Thanks for writing this, Shay. It was wonderful to have you share the birth with us. It certainly was memorable! I can't wait to meet your newest little one :)


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