Fashion Friday: Dresses

It's been way too long since I posted a Fashion I'm bringing it back!

The hubby and I both love Mad Men. And I feel that we're also somewhat more retro or vintage in our thinking. Almost like we were made for a different time period. We've become more so as the years have gone by, I think. Hmm, maybe that just means we're getting old. Ahem. Anyway. When you watch Mad Men, or at least when I do, one thing that really stands out is the fashion. Styles have really changed over the years. Dresses for women weren't just for dressing up then - they were the standard.
So what is the going fashion of today? Obviously I'm not asking what's fashionable in Paris or New York. I don't live there. I'm thinking rural America, home of the Every Woman, out in the country where I live. A shirt and jeans seems to be the ongoing trend. Sometimes a dressier shirt, nicer pants, perhaps a skirt. Unless you're in your local Walmart...because then it's probably your pajama bottoms and Lord knows what else. People of Walmart, anyone?
I've slowly become a "mostly dress wearing lady" over the past year or so - that is, when pregnancy and/or children haven't reduced me to wearing pajamas all day because who the heck am I going to see but the kids today, there's no point in getting dressed because I'm just going to puke again, I haven't even had time to take a shower some days just stink. Disregarding those days, I've found it pretty easy to work dresses into my wardrobe. It makes me feel more feminine and lady-like. I'm enjoying wearing them. But the world doesn't always see it the way we do. At a soccer game a couple weeks ago, several of the other soccer moms openly stared at me as we arrived for practice - I was wearing a black and white knee length dress with a black cardigan and some slip on black sandals. One mom even said to me, "What are you so dressed up for?" Another example: an extended family member stopped by the other day, saw me, and asked quizzically, "Are you going somewhere?!" Luckily, hubby is on my side. He loves dresses. (On me obviously. Not him.) And Pinterest is of course uber helpful. So hearken back to the fifties with me and check out some of the dresses I've pinned recently - some with a housewifey-vibe, others more modern, some actually attainable, and some that are just wishes!

Cute polka dot dress from Mod Cloth - they make adorable stuff! This is very "Betty-Draper-around-her-house." (Before she became Fat Betty, that is.) Just add pearls & heels.

Another Mod Cloth dress - floral, but not overtly so. Would be cute with a white cardigan.

Here's one for my fancy dinner parties! Well...if I had fancy dinner parties. It's another floral but with a very puffy skirt and a light green almost corset-style waist.
Source: via Shalynne on Pinterest

Now this is just lovely! I really like the colors and the pleating on the skirt.
Source: via Shalynne on Pinterest

Purple makes for a nice splash of color, don't you think? This is another one that would be good with a little cardigan.

Who says simple has to be plain? This is a nice simple, summer dress with an easily adjusted waist but it's still super cute.

I've also become a huge fan of maxi/longer length dresses - they work well during pregnancy too since they're naturally a little roomier.
Source: via Shalynne on Pinterest

I can't say enough good things about this dress. I got it at Kohls on sale and wore it to my cousins wedding - it's definitely my current favorite.
Source: via Shalynne on Pinterest

And of course, to finish things up...I simply *must* get a matching umbrella and set of gloves to complete my outfits! Just kidding. ;)


  1. I love the ones with the corset-waists - the floral with green, and the purple. Love those styles. I don't think I'd wear them now, but I'd have LOVED them then! :) (Maybe church or something. Who knows.) Good for you! (Psst, found you through Threadbare Mommas. :) )


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