I've recently become part of a group of ladies called Threadbare Mommas that was created through {in}courage community groups. These ladies are all in a similar stage of life - we're all mothers and...well, the website explains it better:
Learning to be grace-full with ourselves, our children and our husbands. We come from places of brokenness, use (and overuse), the dirty, real-life mommas who spend our days kneeling: to kiss away tears, to wipe spills, and to pray, begging for Spirit life when our bodies and minds are exhausted. Sound familiar? Good. You are among friends here. We long to {in}courage, to open our arms to sisters like us, who struggle with the day to day – who long to be perfect moms – who live with the wonderful and challenging joys of life with blended families (steps, adoption, foster) whose children have special needs (attachment, developmental, mental health) and who span from the stretching-belly or stretching heart almost-born to the stretching teenage years. We are growing in grace, (and hopefully wisdom) and would delight in others to join our journey with us. You don’t have to do anythingbut know you can reach out when you’re hanging by a thread – and we can help you find the joy there.
So we are all different but all have a lot in common. I have been able to interact with these ladies online through the various sites we connect on to share our hearts with one another; praises, prayers, petitions - anything and everything is welcome. I include each of them in my daily prayers & I'm very thankful to have found them during this season of my life.

My whole reason for explaining that all? One - because it's something I highly recommend. If you don't have a small group, community, or at least a close friend to share things with, definitely try and find one. And two - because today has been a very threadbare kind of day.

Even though I got a great amount of sleep last night - I was super tired and turned in early - I still felt like I'd been hit by a truck when I woke up. WHY?! The kids bickered most of the day like nobody's business. Ellie is in a stage where she is constantly doing the opposite of what I ask her to do - and heaven forbid I try and get her ready to go somewhere...I better plan an extra fifteen - twenty minutes. So I heard lots of this today: "Mommy, she punched me!" "Mommy, he's being mean to me." "Waaaaaahhhhhhhh..." "She's jumping on the couch!" "Mommyyyy, the cat bit meeeeee!" "Waaaahhhh!" I'm chalking this up to too much Halloween candy, a later than planned start to our day, and plain 'ol sibling squabbles. Oh, and the grouchy cat.

And speaking of HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED....he somehow got poop on his paws and left little disgusting paw prints all the way from where his litter box is into my dining room. Grrrrr. I know no one likes poop but I especially hate it since becoming pregnant - all my smelling senses are on HIGH ALERT and that is not a good smell. Bleck. I cleaned it all up and disinfected but still have to mop it thoroughly after the kids go to bed. (Believe me, it's easier to mop then.) And while we're talking about gross things...Zeke got me a glass of milk earlier this afternoon, I took a big drink of it and immediately thought, something is not right. I went out and checked the date of the milk container and it said it was good until November 1st. Who knows what happened to it but it had obviously went bad and tasted pretty darn gross. Yuck.

The washer randomly decided to stop working today, with clothes in it, and the door on it is locked - more specifically most of hubby's work clothes were in there. The guy that's going to fix it can't work on it until Friday. Sigh. And speaking of hubby, he did several chores while I was gone with the kids yesterday, including all the dishes. (Swoon.) But guess what? There's a giant pile of them stacked up on the counter again. ARGH.

One thing that Threadbare Mommas has really been encouraging me with is my intention to find the positives in every situation life throws at me. So I'm going to choose to focus on them. Our school time actually went really well even with the kids bickering. Zeke didn't complain about any of his work and really seemed to soak in everything I taught today. We had successful (and relatively quick) trip to the store. We had vegetable beef soup for dinner and it really hit the spot on this windy, blustery night. Ellie & I made cookies for dessert with a recipe I've used several times and they look really weird, not like they usually do at all...BUT they taste good. So oh well. In retrospect, the chores won't take that long. We're all safe, warm, and (mostly) happy - I couldn't ask for more. Now if you'll excuse me, I hear Ellie whining again. :)

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