Top Ten Pregnancy Likes & Dislikes

Today I'm joining in on Top Ten Tuesday over at Many Little Blessings and am sharing with you my top ten pregnancy dislikes & likes - five of each! :)

10. Comments from other people about my size - I know that this probably goes without saying and that there's a million different reasons why people say the things they do but still...hearing that you're as giant as whale doesn't make anyone feel good. Ever. Especially when you still have awhile to go. Some other gems I've heard recently: "Are you sure there's just one in there?" Nope. The ultrasound lied. "Well, you've really popped out there, haven't you?" Sigh. Just smile and nod, smile and nod.

9. Comments from other people about everything else - I realize this is pretty similar to the previous one but why do certain people feel like your pregnancy, fertility, and labor should be an open book? Obviously I'm not talking about close family and's the acquaintances or strangers who randomly bring up if I'm going to use birth control or who want to know every detail about what I have planned for the baby's birth. Creepers.

8. Heartburn - I didn't have a lot of heartburn when I was pregnant with Ellie but I had quite a bit towards the end with Zeke. I'm just starting to get occasional flaming feelings in the evening so perhaps it won't be too bad. *crossing fingers*

7. Hormones - Bursting out crying about something idiotic or getting mad over something that's not that big a deal - I know it's normal and that pretty much every pregnant lady does it at some point in time but it still makes me feel silly later.

6. Belly rubs from strangers - Personal space, please! I'm not against belly rubs at all but if I don't know you and especially if you don't ask permission, you should probably not rub me like a good luck charm.

5. Having a pregnant belly - Although it can be a pain sometimes, it's a wonderful symbol of the little person who's busily growing. And I'm at a stage right now where I'm showing but not so much that it's cumbersome or feels like a giant watermelon.

4. Feeling little baby kicks - One of the most wonderful feelings in the world! The only thing better would be if he would cooperate so the kids and hubby could feel it too. He (just like my other kids) tends to hide whenever I want to show off his soccer skills.

3. Planning for labor & delivery - This birth is going to be my first homebirth. I have been feeling a little apprehensive at times but for the most part I'm excited. I've just started mulling over the logistics of everything - what we'll do with the kids, who all will be there, whether I want a birthing tub or not, etc. and reading inspirational/encouraging homebirth stories. I'm really looking forward to being in the comfort of my own home.

2. Gathering baby stuff - I've just started assessing what we already have for the new babe. Although I know realistically he's not going to need a bunch of stuff, I like to plan ahead. I got a stroller/car seat combo for an excellent price from a friend since our car seat had expired and we only have umbrella strollers. I have a huge tote of baby clothes I saved from when Zeke was a baby that I need to go through. I stopped at a local thrift store the other day and picked up a huge bag of sleepers & onesies for only $10! And while cleaning the other day, I found two perfectly good diaper bags socked away in a closet - I had gotten them while in the hospital with Zeke and apparently just packed them away!

1. Dreaming, hoping, and praying - I love thinking about what this little baby will be like. Will he take after me or hubby more? Will he act more like Zeke or Ellie as a baby? What are we going to name him? I don't have all the answers yet but I do know that he's a blessing and that we can't wait for him to arrive. Well, not yet. Stay put! At least until February anyway! :)

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