A Zeke-ish Update

I felt like we needed a break from all the recent review and giveaway posts...so how about a post on each kiddo? Here's what Mister Z has been up to recently:

He is really improving with his reading and writing skills - he's begun to write little notes before bed and has taken to leaving them in different places around the house. He's also been sounding things out more and attempting to read books on his own. That might not sound like much to some but when you have a child who has continually told everyone else he can't read and who got frustrated over the first sentence in a beginning reader, it's a huge praise. It's something that had really been weighing on my heart. I'm not the only one that's noticed, either - hubby and both my mom & hubby's mom have commented on his improvements. I think they are thanks in part to a few different things:
  • IEW and the consistency it has brought to our daily reading/writing work is one of the biggest parts. The Blended Sound-Sight Program it utilizes seems to be what he needed to understand how to blend words. The tips and tricks it taught to remember things have really been sticking with him.
  • All the studying and consulting I've been doing online with teachers/friends who have worked with struggling readers or children in general has helped him and me. Although we have not done any formal testing, he had shown some signs of dyslexia and/or dysgraphia so I began reading up on those and on general resources to use with children who find reading a challenge, or who are slow to read & write. I took to reading like a fish to water so it's been odd for me to have a child who didn't. I had to really step back, take things slow, focus on not getting stressed out, and pray. A lot! :)
Have I mentioned how much Zeke hates (and I do mean HATES) cleaning his room? I know, I know...what kid actually LIKES cleaning their room? I know I didn't. It honestly looks like a toy factory exploded in his room, with random clothing draped all over the place. But strangely enough he readily volunteers to do other chores. Like scoop the cat's litter box. I think to myself, seriously?! You'd rather do that than clean your room? Oh well. It could be worse, I guess. He's taken over the cat duties since I became pregnant and will always load/unload the dishwasher, get the mail/newspaper, and put clothes away that I've folded when asked...so I can't really complain.

He is definitely my little geek, though. While driving the other day he randomly spoke up from the backseat and said, "I wish we had a TARDIS. Then we could visit people from a long time ago. Has anyone made one yet?" I had one of those parental moments where I felt like yes, I am raising him up right. ;) That was also the day we discussed Disney's purchase of LucasFilm and I may have mentioned that they were planning on coming out with another movie. "WHAT? WHEN?! CAN WE GO SEE IT? WHO'S IN IT?" So...yeah. I probably should have waited until I had the movie tickets in my hands before I mentioned it. He's now readily counting down the days to go see it (in 2015!) with me and his Papa.

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