Bloggy Blessingway Winners

I will be posting all the winners from my Bloggy Blessingway giveaways here. Since the giveaways all end at different times, not all of them will be posted right away. I will be emailing the winners as they are chosen and will update this post at the same time. Congratulations to everyone who won and thank you all so much for entering. To all of you who are new readers/subscribers, welcome and I hope you'll stick around for more posts about my wonderfully chaotic life, homeschooling, family, marriage, and of course more giveaways and reviews. :)

Everly Grey maternity sweater - #135, Clarissa Neiding
Novena Maternal Skin Care products - #22, Heather Lucas
Bonnie Baby Slings birth affirmation cards - #3, Anna Droste-Glowinski
Kobieta birthing skirt - #45, Anna Huynh
Pink Lemonade Shop gift card - #21, Charity Jackson
PinkBlush Maternity gift card - #20, Clarissa Neiding

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