Review & Giveaway: Pink Lemonade Shop

Our next sponsor in the Bloggy Blessingway is Pink Lemonade Shop, an Etsy store and website specializing in high quality, handmade cloth pads. Before we go any further, let me talk about "mama cloth" a little since I don't know that I've ever mentioned it on the blog before. "Mama cloth" is just another term for reusable cloth menstrual pads. Think they sound icky? That's what a lot of people I've talked to usually think. I thought that myself too before I tried them. Some people even liken them back to rags that women used in the olden days! However, they've come a long way, baby! They couldn't be simpler to use. When they are soiled, you just rinse them under cold water and toss them into the laundry with towels, cloth diapers, etc. on a warm or cold wash and then a medium heat dry. So easy! Not only are they more economical, they're also more environmentally friendly and YOU friendly - no paper/wood fiber irritation or yucky smells that can accompany disposable pads.

So now that I've explained that, here's a little bit more about the owner of Pink Lemonade Shop and her products -

I am a SAHM/WAHM to 4 beautiful children and wife to my wonderful husband of 10 years. After the birth of our third child, I decided to take the plunge and quit my full-time job to stay at home with our kids. I appreciate your support in visiting my store. I believe in providing my customers with an excellent quality product and prompt, friendly customer service. I’m also a bit of a fabric snob and only use the very best fabrics to make my cloth menstrual pads. Hand dyed Bamboo Velour, Lusciously soft Minky, and designer Cotton Woven prints are just a hint of some of the wonderful fabrics that I have to offer. The bottom layer of my pads is made with high quality Water Resistant Fleece or breathable Wool Interlock.

Pink Lemonade Shop offers a wide variety of different kinds of cloth pads from mini liners to cloth sets to postpartum pads - and all in a mix of prints and colors. (Did I mention that's one of my favorite thing about cloth pads? All the fun designs & colors! Take that, boring disposables!) For my review, Sue sent me two gorgeous minky postpartum pads like the ones seen in the picture below. Although I haven't yet gotten to use them, I have been using cloth in general for a year and a half or so and I love it - I wouldn't go back to disposables. The pads she sent me are soooo soft and I know they'll be especially nice to use after I have the baby. She also sent me some more information on the fabric used on these pads - "Minky is a super soft, polyester fabric. It washes beautifully and is fairly stain resistant. It's my #1 best seller this year, with Hand Dyed Bamboo Velour running a very close 2nd place. Minky is a wicking fabric, which means it draws the moisture away from you and into the core of the pad. You tend to feel drier longer with Minky because of that."

For the giveaway, Sue has very graciously donated a $20 gift card to her shop! Enter on the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of this page. To check out Pink Lemonade Shop's products, you can connect with her at the following places:

ETSY: Pink Lemonade Shop // WEBSITE: Pink Lemonade Shop // FACEBOOK: Pink Lemonade Shop // TWITTER: @pinklemonadesue

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  1. My favorite thing are her Animal Print PP Starter Set, I have been eyeing them for awhile. :)

  2. My favorite item would be PLS Bamboo Velour Pads ;)

  3. The Set of 4 7.5 Inch Minky Regular Pantyliners with Fleece backs - Wide Width looks great.

  4. Set of 4 - 13 Inch Minky Post Partum Pads with Fleece Backs - Wide Width


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