Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

This is a {mostly} scheduled post - I only wrote a bit of it today - as I'm taking a few days off to spend time with family. Today is Thanksgiving Day and contrary to yesterday I'm feeling pretty darn good. Well, truthfully my head is throbbing, I got too little sleep and there's still tons to do...but I am thankful. I am thankful for a husband who when I told him I was panicked last night about everything that needed done, told me "don't panic" and brought me a towel. (It's a geeky joke. 42 anyone?) He is a hard worker who does whatever he has to for our family. I am very blessed to have him. I am also very blessed with children - the ones I have here and the ones still in the "loading" stage. :) I have a great big family and close friends, all wonderful people who make me smile and who care for me. I have a home, a vehicle to drive, food on my table, and too many clothes. I have the freedom to vote, to choose my religion, to educate my children in the manner I choose, and to live my life how I would like to. I am truly blessed, not only today, but every single day. I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations.

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