How To Live, Love & Learn Through The Night Shift

Our family operates a little differently than most others in regards to our schedule. My husband has worked many different shifts in the almost eight years we've been together and we've learned a lot from each of them - some I'd gladly embrace, others I never want to do again!
For example, he's worked:
  • During a strike at a factory where he worked a month straight with very little to no sleep
  • Swing shifts of 3 days on/3 days off or 4 days on/4 days off
  • Alternating week long of nights and week long of day shifts
  • Periods where he only got his schedule maybe a week or so in advance
While I would prefer him to have a normal day shift, he's mainly worked the night shift and has become so used to being up then that I think it's just become his preferred schedule - and I've learned how to make it work for us. He's currently on a shift where he leaves a little after dinner time or right before bed and arrives home an hour or two before we wake up or when we're getting up in the morning.
Having a husband that works an opposite (or different) schedule than the majority of the world can sometimes present problems for you, for him, and for your family as a whole. For instance:
  • If your hubby is gone working all night, when he comes home he needs to sleep! This can be difficult with children and/or a household that thrives during the day.
  • He may be missing out on things while he's gone - school events, date nights, family cookouts & parties - because you and your children's schedules don't match up with his work schedule. You may start to feel like you're a single parent or that you have to do everything yourself.
  • His working a different type of shift may prevent you from having time to yourself or being able to spend quality time as a couple. And on his days off, he's so used to being on that other shift that he'll probably have trouble trying to adapt to a "normal" schedule.
  • Most people have a "regular" schedule and don't understand or can't relate to the fact that yours is different. They can't understand why you're not planning anything for the weekend - or whatever day it is that he has time off - because they are free those days...why aren't you?
So what can you do? In this new series of posts, I'll be sharing with you how you can: benefit from having a "weird" schedule, manage doing things alone, get some time for yourself, fit in some couple time for just the two of you, and thrive as a family. Stay tuned!

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  1. I don't know how people who switch shifts around can do it. Anyone who works a night shift has my sympathy! I don't think I could do it


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