Pregnancy Journal: Week 31

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Instead of doing a question by question update like I did last week, I just figured I would do a general chatty update. I'm 31 weeks now as of last Thursday, the 6th. We're getting down into the single digits for the countdown of weeks, can you believe it? Craziness!
On Friday I had my monthly visit with the midwife and other than a few minor things, it went pretty well. I had gained 3 pounds since my last visit - which was almost exactly my guess of what it would be. I had my diabetes test and it was okay. My sugar was kind of low (opposite of how it was with my last pregnancy!) but we attributed that to me not getting to wait a full 2 hours after I'd eaten to test and to eating later in the morning than I normally would. The midwife advised me to eat a little snack with some calcium just before bed so I would have a little something in my stomach and not get too low.
We listened to the heartbeat and it was a steady 144. Our little babe is already head down - and it would be just fine with me if he decided to stay in that position! I talked to my midwife about some trouble I've been having around my belly button within the last week or two so she did some poking and prodding around, and said that she thought I might have a tiny little hernia or minor diastasis recti. Not anything fun but nothing that is hopefully a real giant problem either. She told me that some women find a brace or binder to be helpful. After coming home & doing some research, I learned that one of the first homeschool bloggers I started reading also has diastastis recti and has a section of her blog devoted to it - Raising Arrows: Diastastis Recti From a Mom's Perspective. Since I have been having quite a bit of trouble with it, I went ahead & ordered myself a brace that looks like this:

Pretty, huh? I don't care. I just hope it will be helpful. It has to be better than feeling like my innards are going to fall out. In addition to the guts trying to spill out via my belly button action...or whatever it is, I've also been having a horrible time going to bed, falling asleep and staying asleep. I think that is contributing to my brain dead feelings. (Example: I was talking to hubby earlier today about how Ellie will be old enough to go to the preschool 4H Camp this summer (if we wanted her to) and how it's at the same time as the Mini 4H Camp Zeke goes to. I said something about not knowing what to do with myself with both the kids gone and then thought duh...I will have a newborn!) Hubby gave me some suggestions on things he thought might help for bed time and I'm going to try and implement them tonight - not watching TV or messing around on my phone right before bed, getting the room very dark, having a little snack, winding down with a book, etc. We shall see!
Even with the pains and complaints, I am still so excited about our little guy and his upcoming birth. I can't wait to see what the kids think of him, especially Zeke. It's easy to get busy during this time period with all the holiday activities but he reminds me he's still there with frequent jabs, kicks, and punches! I felt rather blah this morning so I decided to take it easy at home before starting up our busy week. I go back for my next midwife check-up just a few days after Christmas and then our visits will be even more frequent. Time is just flying by now!

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  1. When you mentioned diastasis recti, I thought of Raising Arrows and wondered if that is what you has/had. Glad you found some info on it there and hopefully the band will help!

    Thanks for linking up!



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