Pregnancy Journal: Week 32

My Joy-Filled Life

Not a whole lot is different this week than last week. I got my Maternabelt in the mail and have started wearing it whenever I'm going to be walking around a lot or doing a lot of physical activity. It really does seem to be helping with some of my aches/pains and tummy troubles. It's a little uncomfy in certain spots but I don't have any weird bulging or feeling like my guts are falling out while I'm wearing that works for me!
I've had alternating moods for awhile now...I'll feel energetic and will be up and running around, trying to clean the whole house. Then I go sit down to take a little break and fall asleep sitting up! We've had some tough/stressful days recently but everything has worked out okay - lots of prayer helps. I'm still pretty emotional/touchy and I've been finding myself just staying away from the news and social media recently if I can - all the horrible shootings or attacks and end of the world nonsense is just too much for my sensitive self to handle. My sleeplessness has tapered off some and that is a huge blessing.
It seems like everyone I see immediately starts quizzing me about the baby - when are you due, what are you having, what's his name...and that's totally fine, I understand that. But it cracks me up when I tell them something they're not expecting. I'd rather not have people hounding me around my due date so I've just been telling everyone I'm due in February and if they press further about WHEN (and they almost always do) I'll say, "Sometime that month!" Hee hee. I probably should have just said March. :-D Everybody and their brother wants to know his name too. I kindly remind them that we didn't share Ellie's name before she was born. (Probably because we didn't decide on it until after she was born but that's beside the point, LOL.) It's not that I don't want to share but for one, I really don't know what his name is yet. Hubby & I have a few things in mind but nothing has hit us like a ton of bricks. And for two, I don't like people telling me how much they HATE that name, how I should use this or that instead, etc.
Christmas is quickly approaching and I still have a lot of things left to do! However, I'm trying not to get too stressed out about it and just take things as they come. I still don't know what all we are doing for the holidays either (regarding extended family) but I know we will have several places to go on or around Christmas. (I plan on napping in the van as needed while hubby chauffeurs us around, haha.) We are hosting a small Christmas dinner this Saturday to start things off so I'm going to be kicking butt this week preparing for that. I'll probably have more Christmas-y details (and maybe a picture!) for next week's post as that will be the night before Christmas Eve! Time is flying!

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  1. I don't like to give my actual due date either. I have gone past due every.single.time *and I am on baby #7 now! So my due date to me just means I am getting close..not due! Actually my dr gave me the due date of APril 30 and I changed it to May 1 in my mind so that I could just say "may" to people rather than april. If I said april then all the month of April they would consider me due. May...well that gives me the whole month!


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