A Not So Peaceful Start to the Year

One of my favorite pictures from a previously not-so-peaceful day...
I'm beginning to think that my choice of the word "peace" for this year (that I talked about the other day) may not have been the best choice. Or perhaps I'm already being tested in that area. Scratch that...I KNOW I'm already being tested in that area. Here's how my day went down yesterday:

I woke up horribly sick to my stomach and eventually started puking. (Not really sure why - I'm thinking it was something I had eaten.) I was super shaky so I laid on the couch for quite awhile and ate some crackers while the kids played. I knew that we had to go to a funeral that afternoon for my great-grandmother who passed away so I tried to rest right up until the last minute when I needed to start getting us all ready. I did start to feel a bit better so I decided I had time for a quick shower. I popped a movie in for the kids, got into the shower, lathered up...and the doorbell rings. Zeke ran to answer it (ARGH) and told me it was some lady. So I throw on my robe and run out there soaking wet, with soap running down my legs. It's the Jehovah's Witnesses. OF COURSE. Let me say first off, I have no problems with JW - the little old ladies who come here are usually very nice but they don't listen to me AT ALL. I've told them various times that we go to church, that I've been in the church my whole life basically, that I'm a Christian, that my Dad was a Pastor, etc. Nothing phases them. They still keep coming to my house every couple weeks with literature. And my house is the ONLY one in this area that they come to apparently. I've tried to be nice but it has been getting kind of old when they don't really listen at all.
I try to convey to the little old lady that I'm busy, wet, and cold. She just keeps talking. Meanwhile, Ellie is playing with the cat & accidentally yanks on the tie of my robe - it falls open. The JW leaves shortly thereafter, after pressing some pamphlets into my shivering hands. Embarrasing method to get rid of them? Perhaps. Not exactly what I had planned on. We'll see if they come back after that episode!
I then raced into the bathroom and washed off as fast as I could. I got the kids cleaned up, dressed, and ready to go. Ellie poops. She's now officially potty trained - minus an accident here and there - so I tried not to make too big of a deal about it as she had said, "Hey Mommy...hey Mommy..." a couple times that I hadn't acknowledged. So I hastily clean her up and get her re-dressed. As I'm walking into the office to get my phone, I trip over a thing of tape that was on the floor, ram my knee HARD into the doorjamb and fall sprawled on the floor. Super glad I didn't fall on my stomach or anything like that and that baby is alright but still...OUCH. I finally get the kids piled into the car and start driving when I notice a LOT of pain as I'm trying to brake around a corner. I look down and my knee is red, swelling rapidly, and also has a huge bump on the side that's developing a rather large bruise. Once we reach my parents house (we were going to follow them in to the funeral home) I hobble up and ask my Dad if he can ferry me around. The rest of the day was blessedly uneventful, albeit sad. Today was a bit less chaotic but still so full of accidents and messes (a shattered glass cup that went all over the kitchen, the taking down of the Christmas tree that turned into a giant fiasco, countless things I knocked over) had me muttering, "peace, peace, peaceful" to myself for most of the evening. So if you see me talking to myself over the next few weeks, don't worry too much. :)

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