A Word (or Two) for 2013

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Last night we rang in the New Year with family - games, food & drinks, noisy children, and lots of fun. We had a game night too thanks to House Party but that's a post for later this week. I printed out some little papers for everybody to fill out if they wanted that asked them about the past year & what they wanted to accomplish this year. One of the questions was simply "my one word for this year." That really got me thinking. I then got online and found a website dedicated to that very topic - One Word 365.
I've been thinking about it all day and there are two words that kept popping up into my head - I realize I am probably screwing it all up by choosing two but just hear me out. I'm not trying to cheat or not follow the rules but I have an idea - one is going to be my action word and one is going to be my focus word. Make sense? I hope so. Let me elaborate.
My first word, my action word is: consistency. I feel like although 2012 was a year with a lot of different realizations and high points for me, it was also a year that I really failed on following through in certain areas. I want to be more consistent in several different facets of my life. If I say I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it. I know things will come up but I am making a stand right now & saying that I will NOT say yes to something unless I am positive that I can follow through. I want to have a better, more consistent homeschool and household schedule and that is going to take precedence over social things and other activities for awhile until I can figure out what works best for us. I'm calling this one my action word because it's going to be the one I'm physically working on.
My second word, my focus word is: peace. Although my blog is called Wonderfully Chaotic and it still does describes us well, it seems like here recently we've had a lot of chaotic, without too much wonderful! And when a new baby enters the picture in a few weeks, it's going to get even more chaotic. I know I can't control everything but this year I want to focus on being a more peaceful mother, wife, friend, and daughter. I want to teach and show more gentleness and kindness. One thing that I think will greatly help our household to be more peaceful is to get more organized. So each day I'm going to choose one small little task to do, in addition to my regular chores. I've already started on that today as I went through our sock basket, where all the lonely un-mated socks get tossed. It's been overflowing for awhile now and I know some of those socks are just never going to come back. So I matched up what I could and TOSSED the rest. Getting rid of just that little bit of clutter feels gooooood! Peace is going to be my focus word because it's what I'm going to keep on my mind while I'm going about my day.
So there's my word (errr....words!) for 2013 - I'll try to keep you updated on my progress throughout the year. What about you? Any words, resolutions, or goals you've set for yourself? Feel free to share in the comments!


  1. those are a great set of words :) i hope the year is peaceful for all!

  2. Awesome set of words and the peace one I can totally relate to and hope for more of that along with quiet this New Year, because our house is just as you described chaotic and hectic, too. So, I can truly relate there. Happy New Year and so happy that we found each other!!


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