Curriculum Updates for Semester Two

Enjoying gym class!
We're midway through our school year and usually when we start up our second "semester" I post a little update about any changes we've made to our curriculum. I think for next year we are planning on doing things a little differently - rather than piecing together curriculum from a variety of sources, hubby & I discussed getting one curriculum from a publishing company, or at least the majority of our subjects from one set place. I was a bit hesitant about that at first but with a new baby due to arrive soon I could use some streamlining, and I would like something that helps me track progress more consistently. Plus, my house is slowly becoming filled with tons & tons of resources. (Not necessarily *bad* but I don't want to become a crazy curriculum hoarder!) Anyway, here's what we're using now until we finish this semester, probably in May or June.

ZEKE - Age 7 and ELLIE - Age 3, almost 4
(Most of the stuff listed here is for Zeke but Ellie also participates and I've tried to list the things she does too. However, she often just wants to do whatever Zeke is doing so I just end up making copies of whatever it is and give it to her, or find something similar for her to do.)
Bible - Abeka Bible Reader and other assorted Bibles we own for daily reading
Math - Primary Math 1B from Singapore Math
English: Reading/Phonics - Institute for Excellence in Writing PAL Reading, Readers from Academic Success for All Learners, and our local library.
Science - We just recently began Apologia's Zoology 1. (Review coming in February!)
History & Geography - History is Zeke's favorite subject so we read a LOT of books about it. We finished our History book from last semester and now are using the library and the computer, along with educational DVDs and programs to study history. We're also combining History with Geography in our Social Studies Notebook where Zeke has made a timeline of the Presidents, colored & filled out maps, and been learning facts about the world.
Spelling/Handwriting - Institute for Excellence in Writing - PAL Writing program. I also have a lot of assorted workbooks (Spiderman printing practice) and websites (Handwriting For Kids, handwriting worksheet maker) we're utilizing.
Art - We attended an Art Club that met once a week during the fall and are hoping to attend again this spring when it starts up.
Physical Education - We attend a weekly gym class with our homeschool co-op. The kids run through different stations for the first 30 minutes or so and then spend the rest of the time (1-2 hours) doing free play - mine usually choose to run laps around the gym, chasing each other! :) Little league baseball will be starting in April, assuming Zeke wants to play again.
Other - I have a Big First Grade & Big Second Grade workbook for Zeke and a Big Preschool workbook for Ellie. Ellie is also informally doing the Letter of the Week curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler - meaning, we've been just picking & choosing different activities from it - no real set schedule or order. Both kids enjoy flashcards and file folder games. We are also using a variety of products from different companies throughout the rest of this year for my job as a reviewer on The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.


  1. I am just started to venture into the idea of homeschooling. Any advice would be wonderful! Love this post!

    1. Well that's one of my favorite subjects to talk about! :) My Homeschooling page would probably be the best place to start - - I've included links to all of my informational posts about homeschooling, our regular (or semi regular) updates and other resources. My advice would be to read all that you can about it BUT don't get overwhelmed - it is so easy to do with all the information that's out there! Hmm...I may have to write a "What I Would Tell People Who Are Thinking About Homeschooling" post, haha!

  2. P.S.- following you on instagram! :)


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