Pregnancy Journal: Week 35

On Thursday we reached 35 weeks! I meant to post this update on Sunday like I normally do but time got the better of me. I had a mild panic attack (ok, not really...but I did GASP) when I got online today and saw that someone who was due the same day as me had her baby this morning! Wowzers. We go to the midwife this Friday. I've been having a lot of lower back pain, particularly after hubby & I went to the movies the other night, and I ended up calling her yesterday. She thinks my gallbladder/kidneys may be acting up - especially since I've had elevated liver enzymes the last visit or two - so I've been guzzling water, trying to avoid fat, taking some Tylenol as needed, etc. I'm also having trouble getting comfortable in the bed at night and trying to do chores around the house...I guess I just feel a bit irked today as it seems like I can't eat, drink, or DO anything anymore without it bothering me in some shape or form. But I know this will all pass soon...and it's totally worth it. :)

Progress I've made on my to-do list: 
- Purchase my birth kit, get together all the other supplies needed & put them all in one particular spot. (Mostly done. Birth kit has been ordered & is on it's way to me. The other supplies I've gotten are in a box in my living room - I still have some other things to get.)
- Go through my big storage tote of baby boy clothes. (Still not done as I cannot carry it out of the storage shed and I forgot to tell hubby to do it over the weekend.)
- Put together the bassinet. (Also in the storage shed.)
- Get Moby from my friend. She has a Moby wrap for me that I've meaning to get from her but we've been so dang busy that I haven't had a chance. (I should probably message her.)
- Finish sewing up the mama cloth that I started a gazillion years ago. (I moved the sewing machine and still haven't used it yet, LOL.)
- Do some more reading on breastfeeding, perhaps attend a class. I have several books I've been flipping through and am feeling so very nervous about it. :-/ My BFF is the Boob Queen a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and I'm planning on going to one of her breastfeeding classes this week and her support group next week.
- Research cloth diapering. (I would like to and already know quite a bit about it...but am wondering if it would be too much for me to take on right now.) Still in the research and decision phase. Really wanting to but just trying to weigh out our options and decide what will work best for us.
- Ask midwife about placenta encapsulation. (Since she's connected to a lot of local birthy people I'm thinking she would probably know who does this around here. I haven't had much luck researching it on my own.) Asking her at my appointment Friday.
- Organize. My bedroom is pretty much done but there are several other sections of the house that need my attention after the holidays - I want to be as clutter free as possible. I also need to take some time one day and go through my inbox - it's raged out of control for the last month and looks terrible. Inbox is still terrible. House organization is coming along slowly but not anywhere near where I would like it to be. See more on next item.
- Plan, plan, PLAN. I want to go ahead & get our homeschool stuff all planned out for the rest of the semester/year. I know it will be a challenge with a new baby. I've already got a basic plan written out but it's really just the bare bones - it needs to be more fleshed out & easy for me to use. I also am going to have quite a few different reviews & things coming up in the next few months for the blog so I need to get all that info down in my planner as well. I'm going to make up a few freezer meals but not a lot. I also need to set in stone our babysitter plans for the kiddos during the birth (should we need them) and who all is going to be there. I did a lot of planning this past weekend. Although I haven't written out a full day to day homeschool schedule, I do have a better idea planned out of what we are doing. I also talked with hubby and got his input as to what all we needed to really focus on for this second semester. We had our first day back after the holidays today and it went really well - I'll update on that more later this week. I also talked with several people who were wanting to attend the baby's birth and/or help out to get that planned out a little more. I am going to put my Mom in charge of the kiddos (either at our house or someplace else) with my Aunt K & her kids, and my Grandma as back-ups in case she can't or to help her out. My Dad and my BFF are also going to be around to help out in some form or another. It all kind of hinges on what happens when - plans could change if he decides to start arriving in the middle of the night, the wee hours of the morning, the late afternoon...
- Also I should probably try to relax and get some more sleep. This is a work in progress. :)

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  1. So many people on the Crew are in the homestretch! I'm 38 weeks and can't wait to get this little stinker out of me--she's been causing a lot more trouble than her big brothers! :)

  2. You are truly almost there. Saying prayers that it will happen soon and you will be holding your beautiful, healthy baby!!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait for him to be here...but if he waits a little longer that's okay too - I still have so much to do, haha!

  3. Your pregnancy seems like it's flown by! I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear how the birth goes.


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