Pregnancy Journal: Week 37

How far along: 37 weeks, 3 days - due/guess date is February 7th

Baby's Development: The average baby at this point in time weighs 6.5 pounds - I'm guessing he's slightly bigger than that. Both my kids were around 7 pounds when they were born and I'm thinking he's on target for that or maybe a little bigger. The average babe is also around 19-20 inches long and I'm going to bet he's at or above that as well. The app on my phone still says he's the size of a watermelon (and my stretched tummy still agrees) and that we reached a big milestone - full term! So if he were to arrive now, he wouldn't have any problems! (Although waiting just a bit longer would be fine by me.)

Total weight gain: I weighed myself this morning and I've gained 16 pounds total for this pregnancy.

Symptoms: My horrible UTI is gone and I was starting to feel pretty darn good again. Then late Friday afternoon/early evening my throat started to hurt. It's all been downhill from there. My throat hurt more & more, then my nose started to get stopped up, I started to feel congested, and started coughing. I thought it was just a cold, maybe from our alternating temperatures here recently but the cough has gotten pretty rough. Thankfully we don't have much on the agenda this week.

Sleep: Sleeping was getting a wee bit better too until this sickness came on. I probably got about six hours of sleep this weekend. Luckily this morning hubby let me sleep in through church time - I didn't want to go hack all over everyone - while he did chores and got groceries. (Love that fella!)

Cravings: Still very much into bland food, nothing spicy. I'm not a person that normally likes yogurt but had some yogurt with granola the other day and YUM. I've also been craving random things - like Long John Silver's and cookies. (Not together, though - separately. Just for the same meal maybe!)

Maternity Clothes: Obviously! Although I will admit that I think I only got dressed once this weekend - the rest of the time I was in pajama pants, a maternity shirt, and a robe!

Stretchmarks: Yes, although I noticed this weekend that the prominent ones on my stomach have really faded quite a bit.

Movement: Ohhh yes. Little baby #3 is not a fan of my coughing - especially at night. When I have a coughing fit he kicks like there's no tomorrow!

Gender: Hopefully still a boy! :)

Best Part of the Week: We had our home visit with the midwife on Friday. She came over and met everyone who is planning on being at the birth, toured our house, went over our birth plan of what we'd like to happen, and went over any questions we had. My Mom & Dad and my best friend (who are planning on attending the birth as helpers/photographers/child wranglers) came over to meet her and I feel like it went really well. We decided we are going to rent a birth pool and went ahead & planned that all out. She gave me the info on getting my placenta encapsulated - something I never imagined in a million years that I would be thinking about doing...but here I am! :) Oh, she also did something else that was really neat - baby mapping! She drew the baby's current position on my belly. Ellie seemed to really enjoy it especially.

Goal(s) for the Upcoming Week:
  • Ok, I seriously have to go get the rest of the stuff for my birth kit this week - and for the birth pool. I don't have anything *BIG* to get but I don't want to be scrambling at the last minute looking for something (or telling people where to find stuff) when I'm trying to have a baby!
  • I narrowed down cloth diaper choices and decided on a set that would be good for us to start out - now I just need to order them. (No rush though, really as we already have a few and a giant stack of size newborn & 1 disposables.)
  • All the baby's clothes are put away according to size and I set up the changing table on his dresser - it's actually Ellie's old dresser that I'm recycling for him. Zeke & I were planning on putting together the bassinet but my step-daughter ended up coming over for the weekend so we were pretty busy.
  • Our next midwife visit is this coming Friday and we'll also be picking up the birth pool then! Until next week!
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  1. Shay - You look great!

    Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! Praying you get well quickly! And no one else gets sick.

    I'm excited to hear about your homebirth!!

    Oh, what does it mean to encapsulate the placenta? I've never heard of that.


    1. Thank you! :)

      I am having someone take my placenta and encapsulate it into pill form so I can consume it post-partum. It may sound kind of funky but I've been reading up on it & it has a lot of really good benefits for momma. This is a good blog post that explains it better:

  2. What cloth diapers did you decide on? We used Grovia AI2's for Norah for the most part but recently I've really gotten excited about using prefolds, I love them!

    1. I got some prefolds at my shower! We are planning on using pocket diapers - my friend made me some & I'm going to purchase some from Kawaii.

  3. So excited for you! And love your blog. Your newest follower!

  4. Hi! I saw your link on Ashley's facebook page! I'm pregnant too, about five weeks behind you. I know what you mean about preferring not to get dressed. I get dressed to go out and about every day with my boys, but by the time we get home (even if that's early, say, noonish), I'm ready for the pjs!

    Excited to check out more of your blog!

    1. Thanks Erica! :) I'm hoping to get out of the PJs more this week...but we shall see! Haha!

  5. Thanks for the info; I had never heard of doing that. I'm very intrigued!


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