Why I Love My Husband - Week 2

I'm linking up to the Happy Wives Club again like I did last week and am thinking I'm going to have to start a list of my previous posts so I can remember what I've already written about. (Pregnancy brain has made me very forgetful!) Here's my list for this week:

6. At the beginning of this pregnancy, I shared with him that I really wanted to do a homebirth. He said whatever I wanted to do, he'd support me. I told him just a little while back that I was thinking about cloth diapering. He says whatever you want to do...just show me how to change him after he gets here! *swoon*
7. That's not to say that he just lets me do whatever I want though either. He tells me his opinion and sometimes we don't always agree. He is how shall I say...blunt? Sometimes without tact? ;) But that's him - he's honest. I can know that if I ask his opinion he will truthfully tell me how he feels.
8. One time when we were together with some other couples, one of the husbands mentioned (grudgingly) that he had to "babysit" his children while his wife went out to dinner with her friends. My husband frowned and said, "Babysit? Aren't they your kids too?" I love that.
9. He cares about his appearance. Not obsessively or anything but he likes to dress nicely...and he looks incredibly handsome in a suit! :)

Why I Love My Husband
Why I Love My Husband
Week One
Week Two


  1. Well, at least your preggy brain hasn't made you forget all the reasons you love your husband. Such a sweet list! Thanks for linking up and I hope you'll join us again next Thursday and continue adding on to your list :).

    1. Thanks Fawn! It's a really good link-up - gives me a great little reminder each week! :)


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