Pregnancy Journal ~ 39 Weeks

39 weeks, 1 day - due/guess date February 7th

Best Moment this week? My Grandma went with us to my midwife visit this week and it went really well. Hubby drove us all because it was so stinking cold & he was worried about us. :) And then after being up all day he ended up having to go into work all night! Love that fella and his dedication.

Prayer requests? I found out this week that baby is in a slightly posterior position. I have been doing some baby-turning exercises nightly since then and reading up on posterior positioned babies. Although I highly advise not just searching on Google and reading whatever comes up...I was instantly terrified! I know that whatever happens, happens but am keeping this in my prayers anyway. The midwife also assured me that he could still turn now or even after labor starts. And lots of people have went through it just fine. A lady on Twitter told me it makes it kind of nice to see baby's face first thing when you deliver, so there's a positive!

What scripture is speaking to you this week? "I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him." 1st Samuel 1:27 *And from Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary - "Elkanah and his family had a journey before them, and a family of children to take with them, yet they would not move till they had worshiped God together. Prayer and provender do not hinder a journey. When men are in such haste to set out upon journeys, or to engage in business, that they have not time to worship God, they are likely to proceed without his presence and blessing. Hannah, though she felt a warm regard for the courts of God's house, begged to stay at home. God will have mercy, and not sacrifice. Those who are detained from public ordinances, by the nursing and tending of little children, may take comfort from this instance, and believe, that if they do that duty in a right spirit, God will graciously accept them therein. Hannah presented her child to the Lord with a grateful acknowledgment of his goodness in answer to prayer. Whatever we give to God, it is what we have first asked and received from him. All our gifts to him were first his gifts to us. The child Samuel early showed true piety. Little children should be taught to worship God when very young. Their parents should teach them in it, bring them to it, and put them on doing it as well as they can; God will graciously accept them, and will teach them to do better."

Baby's growth? The midwife is saying he may be getting closer to 8 pounds and she could see him being slightly bigger (maybe 8 and 1/2) by the time labor rolls around.

Symptoms? Still having discomfort in my hips and some in my back, also on the insides of my thighs which is weird. It feels like I've been riding a horse, as strange as that sounds.

Medical Stuff? We had an excellent midwife visit this week. All my tests were normal/good which is ahh-mazing since I've almost always had a least one thing that was "off" in some way. It felt nice to hear her say everything looked good! I'm measuring slightly ahead at 40 weeks. (So maybe baby soon?!) Baby's heartbeat was great at the visit and our midwife did a non-stress and fluid test on me, both of which were good.

Weight gain (or loss)? I did not gain any weight this week.

Cravings? Not much really but I have been super thirsty.

Food Aversions? FAST FOOD.

What Made Me Cry This Week? This week I've actually felt a bit more emotionally stable and not completely crazy or weepy!

Sleep? For the past couple nights I've gotten the kids down relatively early and then just headed to bed & slept all (or almost all) night. It's been great! (Gotta enjoy it while I can.)

Maternity Clothes? Is this not a given by now? LOL.

Movement? He's slowed down some what for sure, but still very active at night.

What I miss: Being able to just lay down and go to sleep in whatever position I want. Now it's like okay, I'm tired of laying this way...but if I move to this side I get heartburn...can't lay on my I've moved back to this side and there's a little foot jabbing me in the side... I'll honestly be so glad when I can move around again eventually whatever way I want (dare I say run or jump?) and not feel like a slow moving turtle, haha.

What I'm looking forward to: The kids are pretty excited about what they can do to help out with the baby and I am encouraging that as much as I can, especially with Ellie since she's the youngest. Zeke has already volunteered to help out at night (he's my little night owl normally) and I told him we'll see. :)

Labor Signs? A few (very few) Braxton Hicks and some lower back pain. That's about it really!

Thoughts from the family? My Gramma got to meet the midwife this week and I think really enjoyed sitting in during my visit.

Something I'm Excited About? This will sound dumb probably but the kids and I cleaned the kitchen majorly yesterday - scrubbed the floors, wiped down all the cabinets, did dishes, cleaned off the counters, and a few other odds and ends - and I was pretty excited about that. I made games out of the tasks and it worked out pretty well. I told them we were going to do a few more *big* jobs like that this week - the dining room and living room - to help out momma and they were actually pretty positive about it.

Pregnancy related books you are reading? Still re-reading Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth.

My Joy-Filled Life


  1. Hey, lady, you look low, too! And my first baby was "sunny side up," as they called it, but didn't know until she arrived, and it was fine!
    We're almost there!

  2. You definitely look lower!

    There's nothing dumb sounding about being happy with a good cleaning! Good for you for getting the kids involved!

    Could be anytime now!!

  3. How exciting that you are getting so close to meeting your baby!

  4. Just stopped by to check on you. Cleaned the kitchen, eh? Sounds like pre-birth nesting....have a feeling you'll be holding your beautiful baby very soon :)


  5. Awww, nesting. So sweet. I loved being pregnant. Even the painful, jabby, heart burn parts.
    Today is your due date! How wonderful. Wishing you a blessed birth and an amazing babymoon.


    Amy J


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