Guest Post: The Crappy Doula’s Version of Zachariah’s Birth Story

*Gotta say first off that 1. I love the title of this post! Haha! And 2. It totally made me teary eyed...but I'll blame the hormones! Anyway, here are my best friend's thoughts on Zac's birth and the first week or so. :)

Hello! I’m Shay’s bestie. If you want the scoop on her I have it….but I would only be willing to share the good stuff. ;)

Back in July Shay was present at the birth of my son and shared with you all my birth story. I was so blessed and privileged to be invited to attend the birth of Zachariah. For about a month before his arrival I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to make it, be it child care or a middle of the night delivery paired with my sad cell phone service. I’m glad I had prepared myself for this as it was the case.

I recall that about 1 AM the day of Zac’s birth I was texting a client (I’m a breastfeeding counselor) who kept apologizing for having me up late. I assured her that I was probably going to be up most the night and not to worry as my bestie had said she was having some contractions. Well, I went ahead and decided to get some shut eye at about 2 AM. At 5 AM I was woken up by my cell phone. I had two texts, both from Shay’s hubby. The first said that the midwife was on her way and the second read: “He’s here!!” Another followed shortly that read, “Your breast-pertise would be appreciated.” I nursed my son, who is now 7 months old, and headed that way. It’s a short drive but I was excited so it seemed to take forever.

When I pulled up I noticed that they had a houseful. The midwife, her assistant, both Grandmas, Grandpa, Daddy, older siblings, a Great-Grandma, an Aunt…it was a party! Shay was in her room, the assistant weighing and measuring the little guy. I was immediately invited to take part. I took his temperature, helped a little with latch (though the midwife is much more hands on than myself) and changed his first poopy diaper. The assistant and I stripped the bed and I washed the sheets. (FYI - Shout and Peroxide did excellent!) I held Shay’s hand during her exam and braided her hair. I don’t think I have ever felt more like she was my own sister than I did that day.

I was able to stop by at least once each day for the first week. Here lately I haven’t made it there but I try to make sure I touch base with her each day. I’m so proud of her and how well she is doing with breastfeeding. I had a similar experience as Shay did with breastfeeding my first. I, like Shay, had no plans of nursing my second. I know how devastating that “failure” (horrible word, but that’s what it feels like) feels. I’m over the moon to watch she and Zac do so fantastic. I love to weigh him and see his weight climb. She is such an amazing mom and friend. I know most of you only get the blogger side of Shay, but know that she is 100% committed to her family and they (and myself) are beyond blessed to have her.

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