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Zeke has been flying through his First Grade Math like there's no tomorrow. I love that he excels at and seems to enjoy this subject that I always struggled with. When we got a chance to sign up for this review of TouchMath through the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I went ahead & put him down for the Second Grade curriculum so he could try his hand at that.

TouchMath is a multi-sensory math curriculum that is available for Pre-K through Second Grade. One of the first things that is taught is that each number has counting points (or TouchPoints) on them that also correspond with the number that's being taught. For example: the number 3 has 3 TouchPoints that the student can actually feel when they count. I think this is a smart idea that really helps to drive the point home.
The Second Grade curriculum has four units - Unit A: Adding and Subtracting Within 50, Unit B: Adding and Subtracting Within 100, Unit C: Adding and Subtracting Within 1000, and Unit D: Time, Money, Measurement, Data and Geometry. Each Unit comes with an Implementation Guide, 6 Module Guides with Instructional Strategies, 90 Student Activity Sheets, and 6 Assessments - one per module. In addition to receiving the curriculum, we also received the computer software and several different kinds of manipulatives - TouchNumerals, FlipCards, and Student Number Cards. (They also offer a variety of other different kinds of manipulatives and products.) The lessons & teacher prompts were easy to understand and the worksheets went over well but the manipulatives were definitely the biggest hit in our house.

The TouchNumerals you can see in the pictures below - the kids really enjoyed learning the TouchPoints and using them to make different kinds of Math problems. Zeke was also able to use the TouchPoints with other Math materials we had. The FlipCards were also a big hit. Zeke loves flash cards and gladly pulled these out daily to work on counting, addition and subtraction problems, and more.

We have greatly enjoyed using TouchMath. Not only has Zeke benefited from it, but Ellie has been able to join in too - and has been catching on to quite a bit! I enjoyed that the program was hands-on and that it offers so many different ways to reiterate the concepts being taught - through the manipulatives, the worksheets, the flip cards, the computer software, etc. I would highly recommend this program!

You can read more about TouchMath HERE and find all the purchasing links/pricing for the different items we received below:
TouchMath Grade 2 - Each Unit is $59.95 or you can purchase all 4 for $199.95
TouchNumerals: $99
Software: $99
Flip Cards: Each set is $19
Student Number Cards: $24 for a set of 10


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