Another Overdue Update

Our family has been pretty busy recently and I apologize for not writing sooner. I haven't had any spare time to really just sit at the computer & write. (Well, I do have free time occasionally...I usually spend it sleeping though!) While I have been tweeting & Instagram-ming a lot, I can do those easily from my phone. I have had a lot of different ideas & thoughts that I've tried to jot down when I could. Writing is such a big passion of mine and it stinks that I haven't been able to do it...but real life and family should always take precedence. And sleep. Sleep is very important. So here's a bit about what we've been up to:
  • I've been taking care of a baby...and that takes up a lot of time, believe it or not! ;) Baby Zac is growing like a little weed and oh so adorable. He went for his two month check-up yesterday and is right around 12 pounds. He's gotten into somewhat of a regular sleeping pattern. It varies of course but he usually does have a 5-6 hour stretch at night, followed by an early wake up & feeding, and then another 3 hour stretch. (And that's totally fine with me! I can survive pretty well on that amount of sleep.) He's smiling, cooing, giggling, so's adorable. I may have already said that - but it's true! :) He's really pretty easy going. He can be fussy and have his moments of course, especially when he's ready to eat and he'll DEFINITELY let you know he's unhappy (he has a VERY loud cry - much louder than Zeke or Ellie ever were) but what baby doesn't?! For the most part he's very relaxed and content.
  • Breastfeeding is going well! Some days I feel like that's all I do but I'm very happy. In fact, I've written up another post - to be published in another day or two - to tell you all about it. I will say that we are a success story thanks to good support and that it gets easier every day.
  • Zeke is in baseball again so we've been busily going to his weekly practices & games. This year he's in the minor leagues. The last two years he's been in coach pitch (where the coaches pitch the ball obviously) and they don't keep score. This year he had to actually try out. His team hasn't won any games yet but I can see that they're definitely showing improvement and are learning more with each game.
  • Ellie is doing well. She's been a little sassy recently but I think that's the age she's at. (Although I feel like I've been saying that since she was like 2 and 1/ I may have to give up that excuse before too long, LOL.) She's been picking up on all kinds of things during our school time and has been requesting that I teach her to read so I have been busily printing out preschool packs for her to do and pointing out the different words to her in books.
  • We're FINALLY getting back into a good groove for school. I've been facing a lot of challenges in our homeschool recently that have really been testing me and have even been feeling like I can't do it anymore...but I'm hopeful that we can finish out this year well and have a fresh start for next year, whenever we finally get finished.
  • I think a lot of my school trepidation is because of how the kids have been interacting recently. For the past few months, the kids have started to bicker and rile each other up more. I feel like I'm constantly having to get on them for copying one another, fighting, not sharing, chasing each other around the house, etc. I guess it's just sibling rivalry and the ages they are at but it has been driving me batty. I have been trying to emphasize how we need to treat each other kindly, with respect, and how we shouldn't fight but I don't think my point is being absorbed. I know they love each other and a lot of times they do play nicely....I think I just need to try another approach.
  • My husband is still working quite a bit but thankfully here recently he's been able to have some more time off and gotten to spend more time at home. He and Zeke attended a play a few weekends ago and he's been taking nature walks with him as well, looking for mushrooms but also just enjoying talking about the scenery and wildlife. 
  • Something else big to do with my hubby - he graduated last weekend from college! I couldn't be more proud. I am SO glad he's done with his schooling and am hopeful this will help him in his career. The graduation ceremony at his school was really neat and I'm glad we got to attend. The kids were pretty good for the six hour drive (almost three hours there and three hours back) and we all went out to dinner that evening.
  • We've also been busy with other things - church, family events, birthdays, homeschool group, and such. I've unfortunately had to step down from the Homeschool Review Crew. I no longer have the time to commit to it. I'll greatly miss it and it was such a blessing for our family but I'm trying to figure out how to balance things. I want to write and blog but also don't have all that much free time. Hopefully now that baby seems to have somewhat of a set bedtime I'll be able to sneak in here every so often for more updates and blog posts. :) 

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