Easy & Cheap Summer Bubble Blowers

Need a quick & inexpensive way to entertain your kiddos this summer? I got the original idea for this from About.com (http://chemistry.about.com - Bubble Rainbow Science Project) and modified it a bit for our liking. It just takes a few simple things we had around our house and the kids loved it.

What You'll Need:
- a couple empty plastic bottles
- a plate or bowl
- old socks
- water
- dishwashing liquid soap
- scissors
- food coloring (optional)

How To Do It:
Carefully cut the bottoms off the bottles. Pull the old socks up over the cut off bottom. Put some soap in your bowl or on your plate and add some water to it. Dip the sock end of the bottle into the water/soap mixture and blow through the  mouthpiece. You can also add drops of food coloring to either the plate/bowl of water & soap or directly onto the sock end.

Helpful Hints
- This is a handy way to recycle old socks & plastic bottles!
- We used a variety of different shaped bottles with different results - a Coke bottle, different types of water bottles, etc. The sturdier plastic holds up better but is tougher to cut through. Bigger bottles obviously create bigger bubbles.
- We tried it with and without the food coloring. I didn't think it made the bubbles very colorful & it is of course messier so I'd vote not to use that...but that's just me.



  1. I just love this. My kids spend hours over spring and summer months playing with bubbles :) Thanks for sharing

    Your blog post will feature on the Monsters Ed Hearts of the Home Blog Hop post on Thursday. Congratulations!!! http://monstersed.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/hearts-of-the-home-blog-hop-6/


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