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The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

I'm joining in this week with my friend Stephanie's link-up, appropriately called Happies & Crappies, to let you know what I've been up to for the last month or so. I started off with the Crappies because I like to get them out of the way so we can celebrate the Happies!


- About two weeks ago, I took Zeke to the doctor because he had some funky stuff going on with one of his eyes. It turned out to be an eye infection - the doctor thought he might be allergic to something they put on the baseball diamond. Anyway, we got that healed up with eye drops. After that he had a day or two of sickness that I thought was just a stomach bug of some kind. He and Ellie were attending a day camp for 4H and he ended up missing a day because of his tummy troubles. The next day he acted much better so he ended up going back. He and Ellie spent that weekend with my parents and when they came back, he had a weird rash on his face that we attributed to poison ivy or something similar, since he'd been working in the yard with my Dad. Fast forward to later on that week - Zeke starts acting tired and saying his throat hurts. I'm guessing it's seasonal allergies because his nose is also runny and he has issues with them sometimes. Then the rash on his face gets this weird crust on it and he spikes a fever in the middle of the night. So I end up taking him to Urgent Care the next day since it's the weekend and the doctor's office isn't open. Turns out he had strep throat and impetigo! The doctor said he might have picked it up from another kid at camp. The next day I ended up back there with Ellie who also spiked a fever and had all the same symptoms, minus the rash. Zeke also had a weird side effect from the sickness. His skin peeled on his fingers - and I do mean peeled, it was like it was sloughing off almost! It's been a pretty big deal to me because my kiddos are usually pretty darn healthy - it's hard to see them in pain and not feeling well.

- We've been working on our roof and as luck would have it one day when no rain was anywhere in sight (we'd been checking the weather frequently) a downpour came through. We of course had half the roof ripped off at the time so all of a sudden it was raining in our house. Not fun. I ran into Ellie's room and it looked like an actual waterfall in her closet. I'm running around frantically, throwing stuff out of the closets, putting buckets and bowls down to catch water, and trying to mop up. Ellie's running around squealing, "IT'S WAINING IN THE HOUSE!" We used every single towel and sheet and everything on my side of the closet and almost all of Ellie's clothes were soaked - which then of course meant that I had seven thousand loads of laundry to do.

- Pretty sure my washer has something wrong with it - it started making a horrible noise yesterday. (Maybe I washed too many loads of clothes in it, lol.) Oh and now thanks to the rain, we're going to have to do work on Ellie's ceiling in her room because it's growing mold. Bah humbug.

- My Grandma fell and broke her hip. She had surgery and is doing okay but I still haven't been able to see her yet. The kids and I wanted to go visit her but haven't been able to since they've been sick.

- I'm stuck on Level 65 of Candy Crush Saga! (Ok, so that's a stupid one but I had to put something funny on here to balance out the ridiculousness of this past few weeks.)

- Everyone is on the mend from their sicknesses! We're almost done with antibiotics and everybody is feeling much better. And a big HUGE blessing is that the baby didn't get sick at all. I was worried because of course the kids love to touch and hold him, but thankfully I think lots of hand washing and those good breastfeeding antibodies helped keep him safe.

- Our nights spent at the ball diamond are over for this year as Zeke finished out his baseball season this past week. He got enough antibiotics in him that he felt up to attending his last game and was able to get his medal. His team only got to play one game in the tournament but they had a good time.

- Ellie's room is going to get worked on this weekend and hopefully she'll be able to move back into it soon. Thankfully, we've been able to just look at these trials in a good light. There's no point in having a fit because sometimes stuff really does just happen. It's a little crappy that it always seems to happen all at once...but that's life.

- Mister Zac is now a rolling man! I'm happy but also a little sad that he's growing up so fast. He's so interested in what Zeke and Ellie are doing that I'm sure he'll walk sooner than they did so he can get in on the action, haha. He's growing like a weed and getting adorably chubby little thighs.

- The 4H fair starts next week! Zeke's almost finished his projects - hey give me a break, we've been sick! - and I know we'll probably attend quite a few of the events going on at the fairgrounds. We'll definitely have to go at least one night so the kids can ride the carousel, go in the bounce house, and try out all those other fun rides.


  1. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry to hear about all your crappies. That is awful about the rain in the house :(

  2. Sorry about your crappies! :) I feel funny saying that. LOL! You've got some great stuff to be thankful for too!


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