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I'm linking up with Stephanie & Sarah again for Happies & Crappies! Here's my week in a nutshell:

CRAPPY: Well, this (see above picture) is still happening. As I mentioned last week, we started a house project that's turned into seven zillion OTHER projects. Sigh.

HAPPY: I suppose the plus side of all these renovations is that we are getting the mold taken care of. If we wouldn't have known about it, it could have gotten worse and possibly made us sick/ruined stuff. And we can change the rooms up to our liking.

CRAPPY: Since my bedroom is under construction, I've been sleeping on the couch. I have discovered that I do not like sleeping on the couch!

HAPPY: Zeke had his 4H Bike Rodeo this week and got a blue ribbon. He also turned in his finished projects. The fair is all the rest of this coming week and the kids are SO excited to go ride rides, see the animals, and look at all the different exhibits.

CRAPPY: The house is in total & complete chaos mode right now. I feel kind of useless since I can't really help with the construction any but somebody has to watch the kids. I've been trying to keep the other rooms picked up as much as I can but it's hard with all the extra furniture & other items in them too.

HAPPY: Zac has been sleeping with his arms behind his head (as shown in the two pictures below) and it is SO stinkin' adorable! :)

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  1. Wow.. mold!? So glad y'all are getting that taken care of!
    I'm sorry you're having to sleep on the couch.. I HATE sleeping on couches :(


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