Baby's 4 Month Checkup

Zac went for his four month check up yesterday, even though he's almost five months. The pediatrician we originally started seeing had to take a sudden medical leave and may not be returning so it was also our first visit with the new doctor all the kids will now be going to. Can I just say how much I love finding a doctor that meets my specifications?! I don't mean to sound picky (and I don't really think that I am) but I do have a couple things I like to find in a doctor I'm going to be frequenting often.

A friendly staff is always nice. The staff at this office seemed to be, especially since I was 20 minutes late! I overslept and then had to fill out a bunch of paperwork at the main desk when I got there so we didn't actually get to our 9:20 appointment until almost 9:40! The office was open and had plenty of stuff to entertain kids.

A nurse showed us in and was able to get Zac's shot records from our previous doctor that I hadn't yet been able to get. (A long story but all she had to do was call and ask for them...go figure!) After getting all his vitals, the doctor then came in, greeted us warmly, and introduced herself. She did Zac's exam and pronounced him to be a wonderful little guy - I agree, of course. :) He was just shy of 14 pounds and almost 25 inches long. She tried to get him to sit for her on the exam table and Zac kept pushing with his feet and standing. She said he obviously thinks he's older than he is! (To which I heartily agree. Did I mention he tried to creep off my bed the other day?!) She took the time to answer my questions and didn't rush me out of the office five minutes after I got there - a big huge plus in my book. I had made a little list of questions I wanted to ask (things I thought of at home that I jotted down because I knew I would forget) and she took the time to answer them all.

I also like my doctors to be open to other ideas and opinions if needed. Zac was born at home and that doesn't always fly with doctors but this one was more open than most I've met. She did admit that it gave her hesitation but "when it's done right, I'm all for it." She also talked to me openly about the vaccines Zac was getting, which I appreciate. When I told her that he didn't have any newborn shots (since he was born at home) she asked if we were going to be eschewing them all because she did have some parents that chose that. We aren't but I did speak with her about doing a little bit more of a spread out schedule for him, like I did with Ellie. The doctor said she tried to give parents her medical opinion but that she also let them do what they felt was best, even if she didn't always exactly agree - and I do appreciate that as well.

Anyway, little man did very well (although still a little cranky from shots) and is growing just fine - too darn fast! (As evidenced in the picture below as he tried to launch himself off my bed!!)

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