Review & Discount Code: The Sparrow Found A House

TSFAH-CoverI recently had the opportunity to review a new Christian fiction novel entitled “The Sparrow Found a House.” The book was published by Elisha Press which of course initially drew my eye since my daughter's name is Elisha. :) The story is a moving one about the challenges facing a blended family when a widowed mother of four children marries a deeply committed Christian man. Teenager Jessie isn’t keen on the idea and is determined not to like him or give into his spiritual ways. According to Elisha Press, “As outward changes transform the family, the kids come face-to-face with the changes needed in their own individual hearts and lives.”

I really enjoy this novel. It was very true to life. I’ve read quite a few books and I’m often disappointed when characters do things people would never do or talk in an unrealistic manner. However, in this novel I could see many of these situations happening just as they were written – and the relationships are much like ones I see in the world around me, in my own life even. Having a blended family myself – my husband has a child from a previous relationship – I can empathize with the children trying to adjust to having a new parental figure in their life.

I loved the realistic discussions of Christ and faith as well – it was hard hitting but understandable, and more importantly – relatable. I’ve read a few Christian novels where the main characters were either very “holier than thou” or the complete opposite! This novel shows us a real Christian family, not perfect but instead going through life challenges and experiencing it’s joys as well.

Homeschooling plays a big part in the story and is presented in a positive light - which is refreshing since the media sometimes portrays homeschoolers as backward or strange. (The author himself is a homeschool graduate!) I would say that the primary audience to enjoy this story would be young adults due to all of the preteen and teen interactions BUT anyone really could read and delight in this book.

The Sparrow Found a House is available in a print version for $12.99 and would be a great gift for a teen (or anyone!) in your life who enjoys books. If you enter the code CHAOTIC61513 you can get $4 off! You can also get the digital version for free! You simply have to create a login for the website. How cool is that? Be sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts if you check out this book!

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