Addison Academy 2013-2014: Our “School Room”

square hs room
Since many homeschoolers are back to school or getting ready to start back to school, I’ve seen a lot of mommas posting pictures on social media of their homeschool rooms. And wow! Some of them are really impressive - huge spaces that are organized right down to the last crayon and chock full of educational posters, brightly decorated bulletin boards, and desks or giant tables. And then there’s me, just sitting over here going, "Sigh....." But then I realized that there's no point in whining about not having a "school room" for several reasons:
1. I am blessed with a nice house, with room for myself, hubby, and 3 kiddos. (And occasionally more, depending on who all is here!) We have a lot of space and a lot of nice things. Which leads me to my next point…
2. The house may currently be under construction (and a slight disaster zone) but we are fortunate enough to be able to work on it and in the end, we’re going to have even more space. And construction will be done eventually. (Right?!)
3. Just because we don't have a dedicated school room does not mean that we learn any less or that my kids educational needs are deprived. As you can see in the picture above, we learn wherever we are & our living room provides lots of space for reading, playing, and whatever else the kids are up to.
So anyway, I thought I would share what our school space looks like this year amidst a home renovation! The picture below shows our homeschool “nook” which is located in our living room. All of our homeschool stuff is here and the kids then spread out on the floor or sit on the couch or at the dining room table to do their work.
Here’s a little bit closer look. The big cabinet holds our workboxes, extra workbooks & textbooks, and other assorted materials. On top of the cabinet is a organizer that holds scissors, tape, rubber bands, pencils, and other supplies.
And here’s another look – this time at the bookshelf. Shown are all the kids books (minus some that Zeke has in his room) and their games, coloring books, puzzles, and on the top two shelves, our extra school supplies (glue, stickers, paper, my laminator, etc.) and other assorted crafting materials.

Second week in August: It’s a school room hop. Tell us about your “school room”. This can be a dedicated space, or what you’ve made work. Post photos, storage ideas, comfy chairs. Your garage? Or dining room table? An actual school house? Show us where you school! Linky will go up on 8/12! Join the schoolroom hop here. - See more at:

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