Mamavation Monday: Adventures in Grocery Shopping


(I mentioned this awhile back but in case you forgot or didn’t see, I’m part of the Mamavation Sistahood (again!) and will be posting on Mondays about my fitness/healthy living journey.)

Last week I was one of the winners in a clean eating challenge! More about that below, though. This past weekend I ate out quite a bit but feel like I did pretty well in my food choices. I’m still hovering around the same scale numbers as the past two weeks or so but I’m hoping to change that up soon. I had a pop today and will not be doing that again – pop & I do not agree anymore and they’re just calorie wasters/full of crap.

I also went grocery shopping today and am so excited about all the fresh fruit & veggies we got. The kids helped me pick out quite a few different things and are looking forward to trying to make kale chips. And speaking of CHIPS – they are one of my food weaknesses and I was very pleased to find some roasted veggie chips at our local Save-A-Lot. They had several different flavors & were low in calories so I picked up a few bags. In addition to the kids staples of bananas and apples, they also chose red raspberries and strawberries. They wanted watermelon too but we already have that in the garden! For veggies, we already have quite a few things in the garden (squash, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, beans, and okra) but we picked up some salad, kale, spinach, and onions. Next week I’ll update on how the foods went over!

If you need some fitness/health advice or inspiration, please check out my online friend Jessica Myer’s Facebook page. (She also has a blog & Twitter.) Her page was where I won the clean eating challenge. She is a BeachBody coach who posts lots of inspirational photos, quotes, and yummy recipes & who is dedicated to helping others.


  1. I've made kale chips and it is the ONLY veg that ALL my family eats! At once! Mmmmm....

  2. Congratulations on winning the challenge


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