LeapFrog LeapReader Party

We were recently chosen to host a LeapFrog LeapReader party through MomSelect. The LeapReader is a new product introduced by LeapFrog this year - it's the next generation of learning & the COMPLETE learn to read & write solution for kids. The LeapReader helps kids to sound out words, read books, learn to write, listen to books, and more! It's portable and has a huge library of books, maps, book sets, audio books, etc. available. It comes in different colors, has a USB rechargeable battery and can hold audio for up to 40 books or 175 songs!

We had such a fun time at our party. We had it outside and it was a perfect sunny day, albeit a little bit windy. The kids and I set up the tables in the pavilion (we had it at my church's outdoor area) with our stations - snacks & drinks, LeapReader stuff, and coloring/activity sheets with colored pencil boxes. Pretty soon our friends started arriving.

The kids had a blast! They all took turns trying out the LeapReaders. We had a variety of different books, flash cards, and workbooks for them to try. The Monsters University 3D one was a big hit - everybody got a pair of glasses and took a turn reading. The moms and I discussed the products and I shared the Fact Sheet I got with them. I had also brought LeapFrog's other older reading system, the TAG with me so we could compare them. (LeapReader also works with most of the TAG books!) Everybody really liked that the LeapReader also had music on it - the kids had a little dance off even!

We loved the TAG and we love the LeapReader even more. Before we were chosen for the party I had actually been thinking about getting the kids LeapReaders for Christmas but needed more information. I love that they are educational, portable, and that they keep the kids entertained. I'd highly recommend them to all parents!

Disclosure: I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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