Review: Three Decades Of Fertility

Three Decades of Fertility

“Long ago when I was in high school, I told people I wasn’t going to have any children. I was going to protect myself from the fear of the unknown, risk, and pain of pregnancy and birth. God does have a sense of humor! Read on and you’ll see how those children I said I would never have – 10 of them – came into being.” - Terry Covey, Three Decades of Fertility

Oh, how that passage in the book Three Decades of Fertility spoke volumes to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked children. I started babysitting at a young age and have always had younger cousins that I babysat and spent a lot of time with as well. But as I got into my teens, I became much more ME-centered. I couldn’t really imagine myself as a mother or raising a family. I was going to go out into the world, enjoy myself, write, and travel. Or so I thought. ;)

As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, life took quite a different turn. I’m married, and we have three children together. We hope and pray for more…which a lot of people think is weird. I am constantly asked by others if we’re “done” or am told that we have enough children already, for a multitude of reasons. When I tell them that we’ll see what God has in store or something similar, it saddens me to see/hear the looks or comments of shock, disgust, or amusement from them – and it’s often Christians. So on those days when the kids are bouncing off the walls, the laundry has piled up, and the baby is fussy…those little looks or comments sometimes haunt me, and I wonder “What would happen if we added another baby to this household? Could I handle it?”

On one of those particular days, I got an email about a new book called Three Decades of Fertility. Isn’t it funny how God works like that? :) Anyway, here’s a bit more about the book:

“This unique book is your opportunity to find out what happened to ten ordinary women who gave three decades of their lives to embracing the gift of children. Through their honest and open-hearted sharing, you will not only discover all kinds of practical information from how fertility looks as we age—to pregnancy problems and solutions, but you’ll also glean insights into the adventure of choosing a life of surrender to the Creator in the area of having babies. These ladies are not super-moms. You’ll get to read about their struggles, doubts, financial problems, marriage issues, losses, and physical ailments during and after pregnancy. But you’ll also discover, right along with them, that God is bigger than you think—and His faithfulness to His children is always a given. No matter what happens.”

This book found me right where I was. In it, I read stories of ten different women, with a similar mindset but on very different paths – military wives, college students, those struggling with infertility, and so on. Their stories of God’s faithfulness, their honesty about the ups & downs of their lives, the details of their pregnancies…it all really spoke to me. There was no “agenda” to make the reader blithely accept all their ideas. I understand I have readers from many different backgrounds so just let me reiterate: these stories are of women – mothers and wives – sharing their hearts, convictions, and beautiful stories. And since the stories are so varied, I think women {of all kinds} could benefit from reading them. I highly encourage you to pick this up if you are on a path similar to these women or if this is just a subject you’re interested in - you won’t regret it!

Three Decades of Fertility is available from Visionary Womanhood as a $6.99 PDF download. It’s also available for the Kindle or Nook for $8.99 or in paperback through Amazon for $14.99. On the website you can read the foreword and introduction as well as excerpts from different chapters.

Three Decades of Fertility

Disclosure: Cross Focused Reviews provided me with a free copy of this book for my Kindle in exchange for writing an honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. This post does contain affiliate links.

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