The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is back on, ya’all. This makes me unbelievably happy…and that is strange. Why you may ask? Because I am a big chicken. I don't like scary stuff. And I hate gory stuff even more. I am the girl who always thought I might try and go into the scary haunted house thing on Halloween and then chickened out halfway through, blubbering like an idiot until someone had to take me out. Yep. That’s me.
My husband initially saw the commercials for The Walking Dead on AMC when it first started and said "Hey, that doesn't look half bad." And I was all:

I was not interested. But I watched the first episode with him regardless (while cringing with terror) and then slept with the light on. But the show was actually really interesting and I was HOOKED. The characters were all very interesting people (minus Lori! Ha! I kid, I kid…) played by amazing actors and the story was compelling. I feel like the show really sheds light on how society could react after a catastrophic event, how relationship and social interactions could change during that time period, and just how far people could have to go to survive. And for the people who like the gore and such, there’s a lot of that. (I’m not really a fan of that so obviously that part isn’t important to me.) There’s also a lot of suspense and action – are there going to be walkers (zombies) around that corner? Are these people they’ve found going to be friendly or not so friendly? Is Carl in the house?! (Ha! Another TWD joke…)
My husband has since stopped watching the show – he’s on a different work schedule now so he was missing the episodes and just didn't like it as much as me. (Funny how that happens!) But I’ve continued to watch it. And I’ve successfully been able to watch it by myself without screaming or hiding under my blankets. (Most of the time.) I then got the graphic novels from our library and read all the ones available within a few weeks. I’ve also pretty much joined the fandom for it and have found a LOT of funny stuff. (See example A, example B, and example C.)
Obviously there’s some other people interested in TWD too. The above examples show it. And this past week’s season premiere had more viewers than Sunday Night Football. Pretty impressive since (I assume) a lot of people like football. (I don’t.) Anyway, I just wanted to share my love of this show – despite it’s propensity for blood and guts and gore. Any other chickens like me out there who like it too? :)

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