Bad Mommy Blogger Blues

Sometimes I'm a bad mommy blogger. 

There are adorable moments that happen in our household and sometimes I don't photograph any of them. My son gently combing out his sister's hair after her bath, the kids playing a board game together, all three kids sitting in a row on a blanket...don't get me wrong, I take a LOT of photos of our life. But sometimes I just decide to go photo-free and bask in the moment instead.

I have tiny amounts of free time in the afternoon when the baby naps (usually) where I could squeeze in some writing. Today I am, but sometimes I don't. Instead I will frantically wash dishes, throw laundry in the wash, sweep floors, do schoolwork with the kids, lay in a heap on the couch, or whatever else needs to be done while the baby is not climbing everything and knocking things down.

At night when the kids have settled down (they usually do...eventually) I could spend some time writing, either on one of our ancient laptops, or on my tiny iPhone keyboard. But I usually use that as chore time or just "zoning out me time" where I lay in bed and watch shows I recorded earlier or read. Or I just go to bed and SLEEP. Sleep is beautiful.

I get emails often from people wanting to guest post and/or "help" my blog. Some days I ignore them all. I get around to them later. Well, most of them. (For the record, I do answer emails. However, 90% of the ones I get are "Dear Blog Writer" form letters or "Please post this crap I wrote that has nothing to do with your blog but promotes my service/blog" or "Your blog stinks so you should let me fix it by doing a bunch of useless marketing/SEO crap." Those I generally ignore.)

This motherhood gig is amazing. And I love blogging about it. But real life always takes precedence over getting my thoughts out of my head and on to paper...errrr, a screen. And that's okay. :)

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