Review: Christmas Comes to America Unit Study

I know it may seem a little early to be thinking about Christmas but it's coming up fast - and the kids and I have already been learning about it thanks to Homeschool Legacy's Christmas Comes to America Once-A-Week Unit Study that we've been reviewing. I knew it was something we would enjoy as the kids and I did got to review the one on Native America last year through the TOS Crew.

I really like doing unit studies because my eight year old (Zeke) seems to really enjoy fnding a subject - be it presidents, Legos, holidays, whatever - and then learning all he can about it. Unit studies are great for that and are easy to adapt with the smaller ones, like my four year old Ellie. Homeschool Legacy makes it even easier for me too with very little prepping. We like the suggested schedule that works the unit study into your week, along with your normal coursework, without making it burdensome or too much to do.

This particular study can be used with students in grades 2 through 12 and is four weeks long - perfect for next month! It teaches children about the different traditions, customs and symbols of our American Christmas. It also covers many different subjects, including Arts and Crafts, Music Appreciation, Language Arts, and Bible to name a few. And if your child is in American Heritage Girls or Boy Scouts, they can earn their Music badges through it. The study is divided into four sections for the four weeks - the Dutch, the English, the Germans, and an American Christmas.

Some of the activities that are suggested are family devotionals, research, listening to music, recipes, field trips, and family movie nights. We did not do the entire study as I wanted to save some of it for the month of December so instead I read over the entire thing, we did a brief overview of the different weeks, and then a few of the activities. We will then be diving into it more thoroughly during the month of December. I loved the giant list of read alouds - if we couldn't find one at our library, there were tons of others listed. My kids really enjoyed learning about how Christmas traditions came to be or what words we'd heard in songs (like "wassailing") actually meant! There are also many activities listed that would be wonderful opportunities to help other people that the kids and I will be doing as it gets closer to Christmas like baking things for the neighbors and choosing a child to buy for off one of the local Christmas trees.

If you are interested in purchasing Christmas Comes to America or learning more about it, click HERE. It's available for $17.95, plus shipping & handling.

Disclosure: We received the above mentioned product for free in exchange for our honest review. I was not compensated in any other way. Opinions are my own.

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