PYHO: Holiday Mommy Confessions

I'm joining up with Things I Can't Say this week for Pour Your Heart Out. Today I'm going to be sharing some of my mommy confessions, holiday-style. And because I love lists....a bullet-ed list!
  • That Evil Elf - As you can see from the above e-card (that I created last year) I am not a fan of The Elf on a Shelf. I think it's creepy looking. And all the giant messes I see moms creating (as in the "whoops, the Elf did it!" messes) seem like an awful lot of work. Some of them are super intricate and detailed. And I guess I just don't understand why. Why make more messes that you are just going to end up cleaning up yourself? I had a mom almost violently defending The Elf to me and telling me how it made her kids they were in their rooms, throwing a tantrum. Hmmmmm. (Now I know not everyone is that way. Some people do genuinely enjoy The Elf and have fun with it. If you are happy with it, more power to you. To each his own, obviously. It's just not my cup of tea.)
  • The Santa "Debate" - Have you encountered this yet? This is apparently a HUGE DEAL right now - you either teach from the beginning that Santa is real or you don't. I'm not saying one way is specifically right or wrong, I think it just depends on the family and what they believe, I guess. However, I guess this is now a "thing" that we have to ask other parents about. At the store the other day a lady was going on and on about how horrible parents were for LYING to their children and DECEIVING them with this "Santa Myth" and how she told every kid she could that he was a "big fat fake." Wow, real classy lady. Even if I didn't personally do the Santa thing, I'd never go off telling other people's kids about it! Rude and a half.
    We have always told Santa stories along with the Biblical Christmas story. I don't tell the kids that Santa won't bring them toys if they're bad. The toys are a part of Christmas and not the main focus. We teach them about giving to others, the joy of picking out things/making things for others that they will be able to use, and being kind. I try to leave the discussions about Santa more open-ended by asking "What do you think?" in response to questions. We read "The Night Before Christmas" and the Nativity story on Christmas Eve each year. My kids enjoy Santa and know that Jesus is the reason why we personally celebrate Christmas...and that's fine with me.
  • Christmas Cards - I keep seeing discussions about Christmas cards and a lot of them are negative - people dreading them, saying they're outdated or useless, complaining about people's me old-fashioned but that's one of the holiday chores I actually really enjoy. The past few years I've had fun creating pretty picture collage cards but didn't get around to it this year. I may still...there's time.
  • Frigging Gingerbread Manor - The kids and I always get a premade gingerbread house to decorate each year, usually from Walmart or somewhere, that comes in a kit. This year while at SAMs, we oohed and aahed over a Gingerbread Manor - a grand and fancy looking gingerbread house that you assemble yourself. Hubby was nice enough to go back and get it for us later so the kids & I settled in to make it yesterday.
    Apparently I needed to hire a contractor. We decided to follow the (very scant) directions and decorate the walls first and then assemble it. The fondant looked much easier to manage on the box and we ended up with very amateur but okay looking windows and doors. Then I tried to assemble it...I needed about eight arms to layer the icing and hold up all the walls. They collapsed over and over and over until I finally gave up to go find a stiff drink clear my head for awhile. Since then I've been steadily adding just one wall or piece at a time and then letting it dry for several hours...and we're still not done. Maybe by Christmas.
  • A Pinterest Perfect Christmas - So am I the only Mom who isn't doing a Christmas countdown this year? Last year I made up a little bag for each day (December 1 - 24) with the date on the front, candy or a treat inside, and a special holiday activity for us to do, with the needed materials. It took a heck of a long time to get together and the kids really enjoyed it. But this year I have a baby and other obligations and I didn't get around to doing anything like that. However, I keep seeing pictures of elaborate things others are doing - countdowns with treats and treasures, special books their kids are unwrapping each evening, family fun nights, etc. - and am feeling a wee bit guilty. Sigh.
  • In Conclusion - What most of these confessions boil down to is.....COMPARISON. It is a stupid thing that makes us feel dumb, guilty, or not as good as somebody else, when in actuality we're all pretty darn good moms. I'm kicking it to the curb now. I am not a Type-A Mom, nor am I a Slacker Mom. I'm just me and what we're doing works fine for us. :)


  1. Christmas is a time to celebrate with family and loved ones. People are making it out to be some competition of who can do what best. I think each family should do their "best" whatever that may be. In the past, I have gone all out for Christmas, but have decided to tone it down a bit this year. I have had a lot of criticism but its the best for our family. We are happy with the decorations we have, cookies we made, gingerbread house that is still being planned for, and our traditions.

  2. Found you through the PYHO link-up and am so glad you did because I loved reading this post. The ELF! As much as I enjoy seeing what shenanigans my more creative (ugh, comparison - you are so right) friends create for their elves, the little rascal is much too creeptastic to ever be a part of my household. I think the last gingerbread house I dared to try was in college, and I'm pretty sure there was wine involved. Best of luck with the build! :)

  3. That Elf IS creepy! We don't do it(I overthought my decision, but am happy with it). Though one of my boys' classmates were talking about their elves the other day and they were so excited, I felt like a scrooge for a second. But I quickly got over it!

    I like getting Christmas cards... but I don't send them!

  4. I agree, I don't like the elf. We have a Nutcracker that I hid one day last year. Someone found it and hid it again. It continued throughout the season. In fact, we hid it all year. Just a fun little thing. For some reason, we called it the shelf elf, but it was nothing like a shelf elf. We also didn't think of it as doing anything on its own.
    Laura of Harvest Lane cottage


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