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We recently had the opportunity to try out from The Old Schoolhouse. We were given the Yearly Membership Option. So, what is SchoolhouseTeachers? It is a website that serves as a comprehensive and complete curriculum for homeschool teachers to use with children from preschool age up to twelfth grade. Lessons in over fifty different subjects are available on demand, with many more in the archives. Here are some of our thoughts and observations on it:

Positive Points
- The website is split into different sections labeled PreK-Kindergarten/Elementary, Middle & High School, Family, Teachers, Dailies and Extras, and from then on the sections are labeled by subject. A multitude of different subjects are offered, covering everything from basic reading, writing, and math, to foreign languages, lapbooking, and music lessons. 
- I loved all the electives that were offered. One thing that has often concerned me about homeschooling is that I'm going to fail the kids because I don't know everything. (Not that anyone actually does, but that's beside the point...) I have hope though because even though I don't know how to teach certain things, other people do and things like this can show me how to instruct them or it will just plain do it for me!
- The lessons are taught by exceptionally knowledgeable expert teachers. All of their information and credentials were available right there with the lesson plans. The videos we watched of different lessons all played well and we got the website to work in several different browsers, with no issues.
- One of our favorites was a reading lesson for young or struggling readers where they read real stories from the news to improve their reading fluency. My son especially enjoyed this as he LOVES flipping through the newspaper of a morning. Schoolhouse Preschool was also a big hit with Ellie - she loved reading the animated storybooks and the Schoolhouse Spelling coloring book I printed off for her. We used it along with some of the other suggested activities and games. She's very excited about learning to spell words. :)
- also provides access to a schedule you can follow, multiple planners, transcripts and additional schedules, plus tracking tools, report cards, ebooks, and other teaching tools. Pretty much the teacher's dream for organization and record keeping!
- You pay for one membership which can cover multiple students of all ages. This is another great feature that I think is good for larger families or those who are on a budget and need to find something that will work for all their children. It's also nice to not have to pull out a zillion different books and teacher's guides.

Negative Points
- I had trouble trying to think of any negatives to write about the website. It can seem a little overwhelming or daunting at first just because there is SO much included on it! But after browsing for awhile, that's not a big deal and in hindsight, that really is a good thing!
-The initial price of a yearly membership plan can seem a bit steep until you look a little bit closer: $139 per year breaks down to $11.58 per month, which in the grand scheme of things is actually pretty cheap comparatively for a complete homeschool curriculum you can use with more than one student. Setting aside $12 a month for school I would say is doable for the majority of people!

*There is a December special going on right now that is Buy One, Get One Free where you can bless another family with a membership - what a great Christmas gift that would be! Below are links where you can purchase SchoolhouseTeachers or other places you can find The Old Schoolhouse:

TOS website: The Old Schoolhouse

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  1. My little one was sick so we didnt get to try out any of the preschool lessons for the review period but we are when we come back from Christmas break, so I am glad to hear yours liked it so much! I always tell other parents that you dont have to know everything in order to homeschool, you just need to know where to go and find it! And that is what I loved about , it was all there so teaching Trigonometry or Chemistry no longer scares me!


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