Feature Friday: Witkowski Family Happenings

Today is the second week of a new feature on the blog - Feature Friday! Every Friday I showcase a different blog or business. If you're interested in being featured, send me an email {shayaddison@wonderfullychaotic.com} and make the subject line "Q&A." (Featured blogs/businesses must abide by the rules of my ads & sponsors.) Today's featured blog is written by my online friend Chrissi who I met on LiveJournal many moons ago. She writes over at Witkowski Family Happenings - welcome Chrissi!

First off, tell me more about you, your family, and your blog.
Mid 30's barefoot liberal hippie momma. Married for approximately 3042 years to the same wonderful man, house full of pets and children. Love to read and cook and blog. The blog is a mish mash of parenting posts, marriage posts, disability activism posts, and general musings. Gabe is almost ten and fantastic. SarahAnne is almost 7 and also fantastic. They both drive me insane but I wouldn't trade them for any other children in the whole wide world.
Why did you originally start blogging?
I started blogging to keep out of state family in the loop, so to speak. It has expanded into topics other than well child visits and pictures :)

What topics do you blog about the most?
I blog the most about every day parenting; challenges, victories, all that good stuff. I make a point to post things I am thankful for each week and attempt to keep up with current events as well.

How did you decide on the name of your blog?
My blog name is boring and very self explanatory ;)

What are your top/favorite 3-4 posts?
My favorite posts in no particular order:

Parenting a Girl
This one is a humorous but accurate (for me) look at parenting my very strong willed Bitsy girl.

In which momma does not make new friends
This one is a humorous look at a mishap at the park and why I'm not so great with other moms
A bit more serious, a post about some of the challenges Gabe faces and how our dog has helped him overcome some of them
Another humorous post, this time just a general parenting post. More a "time passes so slowly and so quickly at the same time" type thing

Why do you blog? What is your blog's purpose?
Why do I blog? To keep myself busy. To keep family members in the loop. To keep the day to day memories, to watch the kids grow through photos, to remind myself sometimes that life is fantastic even when it doesn't seem like it. I don't know that I have a purpose other than to amuse myself really ;)
Anything else?
Hmmm, not really. I'm horrible at talking about myself so I hope this is ok :D (It was great!)

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